Tuesday 19 August 2008

fashion dictionary

All right! at first i was more like...'This blog is for everyone who loves the little ordinary fashion things of every day life.. a baby with two different red shoes cries on a ferry going to skopelos, a woman in black scarf and leather flat vintage boots is eating alone in a small restaurant in Volterra, a man in old stinky dark clothes or no clothes at all is digging garbage in Paris. It looks like a sporty-dressed student is studying in a library in Creteil. The rain doesn't stop in Brussels and all fuxia umbrellas are making a statement..and you just arrogantly stare' .., and more of these poetic kind of ordinary images' descriptions.. but
i now i feel more like... 'this blog calls everyone who has never read or seen, or heard, or thought the definition of what is 'cool' in a fashion dictionary.. who thinks that 'art' (in any way art can be) finally means something..for god's shake (!) if you feel like wanna get dressed in front of a mirror and stay there for four hours changing accessories, or dancing, just do it or scream or paint nothing on a wooden door and name it. So yes, i feel like poetry today..

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chloe said...

drin drin!
commenting on your first post, returning the favour :) :) xxx