Sunday, 28 February 2010

A little bit of Cottage Style

Going crazy with the sunny day and the world of the country side - only in the middle of the city!







The BOSS shoes and THE dog












Saturday, 27 February 2010

Industrial but vivid

Photos by Omiros Z. and myself.

I loved this Saturday afternoon, with a kind of lonely feeling, noticing nobody on the streets. On our way with Omiros to a tavern -which we never found, by the way, and we ended up eating at home-, we just stopped on the road, feeding our hunger with a little appetizer...







Wednesday, 24 February 2010

chez Sofia, chapter 2

You don't visit every day places or people that inspire you, in a very explosive way..Last November i had expressed my bombing enthusiasm after having visited Sofia's new house ( But i didn't actually give much of the visuals... So, here we go again, cause there are some crazy findings over there - a style treasure i'd say...
Industrial deco, and a tone... creatively confusing, cute, minimal chic...

alcoholics of course...

chocoholics of course...


sleepy (always..)

get immediate coffee


and of course i couldn't ignore such a mirror!

Sofia, next time i'll get the new camera for an irresistibly representative result...and you get the wine!

Fussy, beautiful and cheap!

I's not difficult to notice that EVERY time i purchase something expensive, statistically i don't use it that much... not because i don't like it, but simply, most of the times, i like other, cheaper items MORE!

favorite Notebook and Andy Warhol, purchased from the famous bazaar of Lille:
(not more than 20 euros each!)

H&M (irreplaceable) bracelet - totally fake and playfully vintage..
(what? about 7 euros???...)

And oh for the next pic, i can't even tell u where it's from...shame on me!!!.... (ok... true, i bought it from Bershka for 6 euros!!!!!!!!!)

And... for ever Nikies!!!!!! (no comments)

How retro is that!!!

 Last Sunday, i woke up freezing... cause the heating broke down at home! So, my parents 'unearthed' a super retro red radiator! Back to the 70s!!!
(Actually, i was left speechless, staring it for hours....and of course being heated...!)

Sunday, 21 February 2010


For many years, one of my strong trademarks was the long straight brown hair, but someday, somehow you get to a point that you reaaaaally need a big change.. and i'm not talking about traveling to save energy and get back stronger or going shopping with 3 months salaries in your accounts, pockets and cards, but you know, be refreshed, feel a bit -at least- different. So, since i don't want to change boyfriend and job, i decided to change my hair (lol).. apartment is next i guess...
So, Saturday morning and i decided to visit one the best hairdressers, Vaggelis Hatzis! I went there with a stack of photos that i had selected and printed by thesartorialist (huge style inspiration of course), and after he carefully studied all these looks, he came up with some ideas. Totally trusting Vaggelis Hatzis (i adore his work - respect!), i just left my head in his hands and -god help- please let them be miraculous!
I have to say i am quite happy with the result! and i think i'll go for the next step - even shorter...





Bye bye hair... 
That's the-before-Vaggelis Hatzis-hands: