Tuesday 9 February 2010

Little athenian corners

Raining Sunday and my shoes, my umbrella and I, went downtown, once more. This time, wearing my favorite boyfriend jeans, matched with this (oh!) this bag (ok I have to admit that I first saw it on my best friend’s shoulder, Kakia – she is a style icon and a Vogue editor!) which I was lucky enough to find it –me too- in sales.. Mum’s umbrella, new British designer’s woolen coat and fuxia-black scarf from H&M (I should award H&M scarfs! They always seem more expensive that they actually are!)

Athens you are so beautiful!
(i couldn’t resist to some more graffiti and some more unique corners for a different reason each time…)

mmm....this orange tree fresh smell!

While walking with my friend Kondia along all these lonely & kind of a sad Gazi roads, she suddenly stopped, kneeled on the pavement and said: ‘Oh how adorable are those footprints! I always like to step on them!” I have never noticed before this little cute detail! It really is like a photo shot of an animal’s moment stepping on soft, not-ready-yet concrete. It’s this moment.. Cat’s moment.. Hollywood rock stars – also- leave their prints, why not a cat? (!)

and let me introduce you rainy Kondia!

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