Sunday 28 October 2012

white trash

If you 're wondering what's this kinda (politically incorrect) white trash concept, well, there's a good explanation. I was asked to be the model of the new campaign for the designer Akira Mushi, and the feeling was street enough to say yo. For now, take a backstage glimpse of the shooting at an Athenian Skate Park.

Monday 22 October 2012


what an honor to be invited to attend professional photography classes at NewSchool.Athens!
A week ago, i had a special academic photography experience at this new, different, inspired School in the center of Athens. The space - breathtaking. The professionals - creative to the bone. Not just another chance to meet artists, not just another opportunity to refresh your photo skills, not just another a School.Check it out.

Sunday 21 October 2012

the 'hysteria asteria' dress

when design meets color.
Amazing Dress signed by Alexia Kirmitsi. Bag Ippolito. Shoes Alessandro dell Acqua.

Saturday 20 October 2012


When you've been blinked, you've been accessorized, you've gone happy, eye-candied.
Well well, this necklace is what causes the attractive head-turnings of the crowd around you. This piece makes the girls approach and ask you oh where did you get it from. And then- the 'i saw that coming' moment when you answer, 'accessorize' of course.
Value to love. Necklace, bracelet and belt, all by accesorize.

Friday 12 October 2012

shape your outfit

office outfit, focusing on the Victoria Kyriakides top. Loving large tops that can be brought into shape with just a belt. Japan style in a lighter version -just enough to support the statement. Trousers super old signed St. Martins.
kiss, love and honey to all of you for a magical weekend.

Thursday 11 October 2012

sniffing clouds

when you fly in the sky.
today it feels like.. Ok, i'll talk.
There are moments. Listening to a song. Looking into his eyes. Walking alone. Waiting for a call. Chewing like a cow. Driving by the sea. Staring at the sun. Moments that make you feel like being in a movie. Right then, like there are cameras all over you and record your expressions. Sometimes, you feel like they record your thoughts as well. In this play wow you're the protagonist. Actually, you can be whatever you wanna be. No. the truth is that these moments are your real ones. But the difficult part is to understand that this play is your own beautiful life. Oh speak up damn it, life in beautiful. Why are you afraid of saying it? Because other people suffer? Well, if you -the happy one- don't scream out loud of happiness, it's wasted. So, yes - being happy is not a crime for fuck's shake! Don't feel guilty when you're happy. Just say it. It's infectious. You might make other people happy too.
And all the above, just to tell you that i'm so damn happy, flying in the sky! It's nice sniffing clouds!
p.s. Some old movie inspirations to start the day?

Tuesday 9 October 2012


we love our girlfriends moments. On a night out, some days ago.

Friday 5 October 2012

Ippolito Give Away!!!!!!!!

yes i know - OH MY GOD! This ippolito purple leather bag can be yours!
You all know Pavlina Papailiopoulou, the talented young Greek designer who left Italy - working for Bottega Veneta- to come back to Athens for the launch of her own brand, ippolito !
So, this is your chance to get your ippolito dreamy bag (of 200 euros) FOR FREE! Just follow the instructions below and you enter the competition:
1. Become a follower of the blog (just click the button on the right column and Join!)
2. Like the ippolito Facebook page HERE
3. SHARE the link of this post on Facebook and Twitter
4. Leave a comment below, also writing your email.
To enter the competition, all the above steps must be followed.
Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The result of the draw will be announced in this post next Friday, 12th of October! Chop chop Harry up!!

Wednesday 3 October 2012

house of architect

Elena is one of my best friends. An Italian-Greek architect, a beautiful lady in a brilliant mind who is filling (and feeling) my life since my childhood. In one of our tea/sweet afternoons, i took some photos to inspire my week. Here is comes, the house of a young and promising architect, the house of elena.

bridal by hysteria asteria

Well, i'm sooo happy.
One of the things that make me smiley and happy is when i receive messages from you, my gorgeous readers, asking me for styling advice or fashion suggestions. Especially, when it comes to the most important dress of your life and you trust my view, oh what an honor! Thank you.
Well, Afroditi was a case like this! She was preparing herself for her big wedding day - She wanted it to be different, out of the ordinary, smooth, cool. And her wedding dress.. oh the wedding dress.. it should be as cool as the whole feeling too! And so -without personally knowing me but faithfully reading me- she asked me for advice, where to get surmesured! For me, examining her needs and her points of view, the answer was obvious. My suggestion was -with eyes closed- the designer Alexia Kirmitsi from the brand Hysteria Asteria. She is a unique spirit with an open traveling mind (and so many other creative backrounds bla bla bla). And so Afroditi paid a visit at hidden showroom and decided to go with it!
I took these pictures below during the second bridal fitting in the showroom, so what you see is just a teaser and not the final design. Yet, Alexia's identity is so obvious to the design that makes me dare to say that she is trademarked by default.
Dear Afroditi, i hope you enjoyed your wedding dress and your marriage and i wish you a happy, beautiful, healthy and prosperous full of love and kisses life with your other half.. Love, joanaddicted.

Monday 1 October 2012

we love 90s

A 90s style revolution on a saturday night with friends. Theme parties turn out to be my new thing.
jeans skirt, golden sporties and shoulder pads for me please.