Thursday, 12 March 2015


My dearest, long time, no see.. (And that's cause new charming, wonderful things will be released very soon). It's all about busyness these days (these months), so recap posts are how we like to roll.

1. My easy to wear top choice. A safe one. The white lazer-cut shirt that never lets you down, by topshop. Digital printed pencil skirt by Devotion and belt by Accessorize.

2.Another lazer-cut choice, top by talented architects team CUTCUUTUR

3. There is always a red-carpet wedding around the corner, so be prepared (!) I love this dress. Silk and red, the perfect combination. Designed by Kathy Heyndels. Make up by Inglot.

4.And speaking of reds. The perfect Red velvet. By Fresh.

5. In a "things to love" post, bestie is never missed. Pavlina and myself, we loooove to wait in Shoebox for Eda to close the store, so that we can hit dinner.

6. Second fav white shirt. by Stefanel. See through is always a thing to love.

7. New hair. Cut it cut it, the time is now! Thing to love: annoyed husband's face while taking selfie. He hates it and i love it.

Friday, 2 January 2015

DEAR 2015

Wishing you Love and bright promises, peace in mind, gold in heart, strong feelings and unstoppable will.
Posting new year's eve makeup & outfit, 2015 feels colorful and playful. Red lips for true smiles that are yet to come, sparkling aubergine nails for revealed desires, prints for the dreams that will come true and hair braids everywhere, cause if it's not complicated, it's boring.

Monday, 22 December 2014


Fav top for 2014. By Greek brand addloft.

Friday, 19 December 2014


Perfect flash for a Friday afternoon.
Did you, also, wake up in another world today? Cause my mind travels back and forth. Sharing one of the most impressive interiors. When in Barcelona. iphone photos.
And according to Arthur Rimbaud, in winter we travel in a little pink carriage. With cushions of blue.
We’ll be fine. A nest of mad kisses waits. In each corner too.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Even if you stay still, your eyes never stay silent.
When you have no rock or paper to play game, there is always the sun and the glasses to frame.
Wearing Carrera sunglasses.


Dress Ralph Lauren.
Shoes Migato.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


My initial plan was to write down about nothing regarding summer and holidays, cause for that we have instagram. But I can't let summer flies away from these pages without even mention the 3 top summer "smile creators".

First. Next best thing after lying on pure sand is lying on Sun of a Beach Towel. Find them here.

Second. Kimonos are forever, forever, forever. Synonym for second skin.

Third. Gold shiny tattoos over the rainbow. And friendship bracelets. They help you to remember that hearts are emerald too.


Season smoothly opens in poems. My summer was poetic, how was yours?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I love those random "things to love" posts that sum up all the latest obsessions.
These things that put some extra sparkle in weekdays are always covered by charming simplicity.

Starting with the INGLOT false eyelashes. I wish i could wear them everyday.

This amazingly comfortable Juicy Couture skirt, the Donna Karan sky blue shirt and the Accessorize turquoise clutch bag. Outfit for a lifetime. Nails by Cure Nailworks.

Those handmade, alcohol free cocktails,  made with love by girlfriend Evi for the chilling summer nights.

Cups. Always cups. From the Katie Alice Collection.

Yogi tea. Now, that's an obsession. Put some ice and taste the summer.

Handmade lemonades. Drooling. 

I found the place with the best quality coffee in Athens. I have never tasted such quality before. Find the most premium taste at Kaya cafe.

Dinner by the sea at Fridays Astir Palace. Warning, great burger ahead.

 Brand new Swarovski collection for men.

And finally, my hair products for this summer. A smoothness tribute by Schwarzkopf.

Friday, 4 July 2014


Hardly breathing till holidays so i mindtravel through sunglasses and sea bags.
Equip your highness with the new limited 'Ippolito by the sea' bag collection (i got the Seagal Beach Backpack in Baby Pink & Tabac) and eyecandies such me new spitfire babies.
More Ippolito bags here, more spitfire sunglasses here.