Monday 13 July 2015


A random lovely post seems right to start the week. Let's talk about all these things that may put a smile on the faces when things are complicated.

New amazing design brand THE BLUE WHITE, created by Alexandra Stais.
An ode to Greek tradition in its best modern approach, keeping the blue and white spirit alive in a clever and inspiring way. Alexandra creates designs and items that make your home feels more authentic and happy. Find out more here.

Another fav little thing that created huge smile: JUICY COUTURE bag exclusively made for Joanaddicted. What can i say, this brand combines two totally different personalities: rock & romantic, and that's the uniqueness about it!

Have to mention the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty expo during my London trip. The most impressive, emotional, bold exhibition i have ever seen. Take a look for yourself.

Smile creator number 4. The Harrods windows' Flowers. Loved them.

Speaking of London, Accessorize Press Trip was a pure inspiration for the season to come. Epic prints and jeweleries are the reason to "can't wait for the winter". The following two photos is just a sneak peak of the beauty that is about to be revealed in a few months.

Next. Friends that make Home Made Dinners - priceless.

Marie Claire blog Awards moment with Gala Gonzales.
Wearing two pieces silk printed outfit, designed by me.

And last but not least, new obsession. Toshiba's Canvio Connect II, a portable HDD offering up to 2 TB of storage, 10 GB of free cloud storage and remote access across multiple device. What not to love about toshiba? It's a pure jewel afterall.