Friday 28 May 2010


Have to change my glasses.
In the store, trying to make up my mind.. Should i go for the circle glasses? And if yes, which one?

Thursday 27 May 2010

Cause wishes must always come true.. even the simplest ones..

Today, scrolling down one of my fav blogs: Miss Athenes, i fell on this post, which talks about the 'making of' the Motwary/Mastory film for SARKA 23 JULY 1677, and the night of its presentation. At the end of her post, and after her great event coverage with all these beautiful and spontaneous photos, that Mariaflora usually 'performs', she wrote: "I had the most beautiful Motwary/ Mastory outfit on, i wish i had taken a few photos of me.. "

Dear sweet Mariaflora, i had the chance to be there that night, to watch the wonderful Filep's& Maria's film, and -of course- to capture your - indeed- devine outfit! So, enjoy it...!
With love..

...And our gorgeous Filep (Mariaflora's dress Designer), posing for me:

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Nodamania - Live from Dublin

Jovian Nodas. I wish i could make a 'don't' post about Nodas (so that i could laugh out loud with his usual lined up responses that leave you speechless..), but i can't! The reason is totally and clearly extortionate. Taking into account that Nodas is working at the Google Europe headquarters, he actually has the power to simply shut my account down (!), so i'll just focus on his endless and unbridled virtues!!! Always in high spirits (and not only when he's tipsy!! but's a natural status..), triumphantly noisy, soooo glib and cheerful!!!! cheers mate ;-)

Isn't it the scariest photo ever !!!????

Sunday 23 May 2010

Kondi's Sun-day*

Wishing my girl, Kondi... always worthy of majestic life moments, full of eye of day!

Outfit post?


Friday 21 May 2010

Joanaddicted2Stripes or 2Polka Dot?

Both Outfits are blue based. I'm a blue addict (p.s. Xavier, are you listening??). But when it comes to the prints and's just a dilemma! So! Rational, navy, tensed, uni-axial STRIPES  
OR.... nit-picking, snooty, panache, phlogistic POLKA DOTs???


Just came back from the Athens Concert Hall and the breathtaking performance of the Nederlands Dans Theater. Feeling empty, cause these dancers took all my thoughts and all my senses with them.I've been to so many performances of contemporary dance in different countries, but i had never -ever- seen like that before. How can i pass you the feeling of being naked in the rain, of the total modest effect, the idea of no flesh limits, the sententious but static passion diffusion??? HOW???? If there was a dictum for passion, it would have the form of this choreography.

All these three parts were exceptional. How can you call the feeling when you're so excited that you just don't know what to do, or just lacerate yourself?
“Shoot the Moon” - Paul Lightfoot, Sol Leon & Music by Philip Glass
“Wings of Wax” - Jiri Kyllian & Music by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, John Cage, Philip Glass, Johann Sebastian Bach
“The second person” - Crystal Pite & Music by Owen Belton
Leaving the Concert Hall, i was so lucky to come across the tuneful dancers of the ballet, congratulate and thank them ...:
Find out more about Nederlands Dans Theater here.

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Portraits of my styleful Boyzzz

Yannis P., Stefanos L. and Yannis O. with the clues of the night:
Abstinence - ΜΑΛΛΙΑ ΜΟΛΟΚΟΤΟΥ (??? for some reason..) - Oh NO Camel Toe - 21st Century Digital Boy - Randy

joanaddicted2Chamber Music

Yesterday, i attended the Soiree of French Chamber Music, at Parnassos Concert Hall. With the voice of Elena Maragou, the violins of Apollon Grammatikopoulos and Panagiotis Tziotis, the viola of Paris Anastasiadis, the cello of Yannis Tsitselikis and the piano of Alexandra Nomidou, i travelled some years back.
And that's because i was literally raised by two families: the one in my house, and the other teachers in the music conservatory. I've been playing the piano since i was born, and i used to throw my concerts in the same Concert Hall i visited yesterday!!!.. it felt weird..

Not only i went to this same Hall, but it was all about Chamber music.. When it was about time for me to take the piano diploma, i had to pass Chamber music first.. So, living the experience of the violin, i left everything for that.. The palinode of my life that still vibrantly rankles..!

And on top of all that (sensitive as i was found) i listened to favorite pieces of Gabriel Faure and Cesar Franck... i have to go back there immediately to look for the mind i left behind!!!

Joanaddicted2Art Athina

The International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens and my wonderful feelings..
Not only countless masterpieces were hosted in Art Athina 2010, but brilliant people gave their strong presence, as well.
I felt like i was part of a harmonic chord of a very-well-played-minuet among the crowd, cause everything was so beautifully and carefully made.. You just.. wouldn't leave the place! I couldn't stop capturing (fire)works of art or just images, and every single one of them was shouting at me like an endless counter-attack..

Mostly, I enjoyed the very special moments i had in front of (or deep in - it depends) these highlights :

My lovely parisian lady, Konstantina:

 The artist, Dimitris Andreadis. I guess this one was my favorite, while he marries hardcore tones with childish innocence.. And that's just me! :

This one below, it gives a special 'pixeling effect', cause it's like (maybe it is indeed) painted on glass:

And this is Beautiful Alexandra (yes she could be a masterpiece of the Expo..), a key person of the Art Athina Team:

This amazingly limpid view made me imagine a special palette with so many nonexistent-maybe colors, that i could stand there for hours and stare or draw with my mind (not alone though..) :

And myself in the role of Mrs Myth!!

P.S. Why did i stuck with this? Big time! someone tells me..:

Last but not least ... Fashion First Row was also there with their queeny presence and kind attitude!!