Wednesday 5 May 2010

Turned out to be a Famous outfit!

Scrolling down Battered Couture, i gave a big smile to this post, cause we've actually the same Zara piece (it's a new purchase of last week..)!! I really liked the way she chose red high heels and total summer look to point its heart-y print out.. Fits her perfectly! Last week, i also put it on, but had to match it with gray tights and blue little boots, cause i wore it @ night out, so i went a bit winter-y this time.. Besides, May is a sneaky month and allows all season looks (there's always the dilemma 'should i go tight-less or should i go safe?)
And that's the whole charm.. being able to totally transform the outfit with some personal touches (for many - meaningful) details..
And tonight, i was @Bios terrace and another beautiful girl was wearing it... what a success... So, if style statements can be completely different with the exact same clothes, i wouldn't even bother to share all of my wardrobe with you guys!!! Cause none of us would look the same ;-)

Matched with my fav ring Marc Jacobs and Essie gray nail polish..


Rachel said...

Love your outfit + great jewelry!

xx rk

Marika said...

Thank you so much for comment, that means a lot to me!

and really love your dress and haircut!)
and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Rocking outfit!

Alessia said...

The ring is really cute!

Kim said...

You look fab! I'm wearing the exact same shade of nailpolish right now :')