Wednesday 19 May 2010

joanaddicted2Chamber Music

Yesterday, i attended the Soiree of French Chamber Music, at Parnassos Concert Hall. With the voice of Elena Maragou, the violins of Apollon Grammatikopoulos and Panagiotis Tziotis, the viola of Paris Anastasiadis, the cello of Yannis Tsitselikis and the piano of Alexandra Nomidou, i travelled some years back.
And that's because i was literally raised by two families: the one in my house, and the other teachers in the music conservatory. I've been playing the piano since i was born, and i used to throw my concerts in the same Concert Hall i visited yesterday!!!.. it felt weird..

Not only i went to this same Hall, but it was all about Chamber music.. When it was about time for me to take the piano diploma, i had to pass Chamber music first.. So, living the experience of the violin, i left everything for that.. The palinode of my life that still vibrantly rankles..!

And on top of all that (sensitive as i was found) i listened to favorite pieces of Gabriel Faure and Cesar Franck... i have to go back there immediately to look for the mind i left behind!!!


Alessia said...

Se vriskw poly fabulous vre paidaki m!!

Anonymous said...

Many secret talents you have lady!