Thursday 30 August 2012

just another outfit

Skipping the fact that night iphone pics are crap, my summer outfits are always ending up to be embellished with hair braids, short skirts, sandals and heavy jewelery.The highlight of the night turned out to be -indeed- the necklace, which is a dreamy leftover by my miraculous trip to new york.

Wednesday 29 August 2012

ippolito loves joanaddicted

and joanaddicted loves ippolito!!!!!
LOOK what pavlina drew for Ordinary Pulse!!!! Isn't she amazing?
Find her leather bags collection at  and be addicted to her creations!
After all, she designs with love.............................................................

half blondie, half stupid

loved this summer touch on the head..

Tuesday 28 August 2012

old time classics

Two old time classic pieces that never leave my hand. I loved time since i bought this watch. And the ring is my obsession, my love ring, by him.

joanaddicted2portraits - alexia

I met lovely Alexia in Boston, a few months ago. And since then she inspires us.
Those portrait shots were taken yesterday during our coffee break downtown Athens. Stylish and beautiful, she enjoys her last few days in Athens, before going back to Boston and her studies.

Monday 27 August 2012

hair braid

my new thing. obsessed with all kind of braids.
During summer, i really can't stand the hair into my face and all around universe. So, i never leave it burning my shoulders. Braid is easy and simple, yet sometimes boring. That's why i love braids with a twist. Just make one, place it diagonally over the head and join the ponytail of the rest of your hair! Tada!


a traditional sweetshop in kythnos with delicious tastes that i call 'spooning sweets' :)

Friday 24 August 2012

the pants

an outfit for the office. Pants by akira mushi. Shoes topshop. Sunglasses vintage.

Thursday 23 August 2012


the most beautiful and stylish babygirl.

swimsuit my second skin

every summer, my swimsuits become my second skin - and my everyday outfits of course.
The first one in yamamay and you've seen it also here and the second one swimwear.

beach snaps

in kythnos island.
Please don't tell me that the summer ends..

traditions of olympos

Olympos is a small -unique- little village in Karpathos island. Forgotten by the Clock cause mister Time decided to stop clicking there. People are still authentic like the good old days. They are far away from the rest of the world and they just don't care. Their houses remain still the same as their grandparents' of their grandparents' houses. Their clothes too. Their way of talking too. The kindness, also. The food from their own gardens and the traditional crafts and habits. How can't anyone fall in love with this kind of beauty? And as soon as a visitor passes by, the locals welcome her by 'decorating' the hair with one of those beautiful hand made headdresses.
I could smell the place, the talks of the locals, the stones, the air. I could touch their thoughts. I could feel the pureness of the food. I guess, time stopped for me too there.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

everyday's twins

I feel like everything around me has its own twin figure.

humans and babies (love meets love):
 Since when a black and white picture is so colorful?:
 Twin nature feelings:
This Bar's expo room probably finds its twin in my living room:

akira mushi -flashback

last week with Akira Mushi, drinking strawberry cocktails in halandri to celebrate our august loneliness in the city!Find the akira mushi flagstore at Adrea Gini street, number 9.

Friday 17 August 2012

notes 'n' portraits

of an insta life.
This is another effort to see the world in a different way.
This is an effort to change the way i see things.
This is an effort to change the way i photoshoot.
Cause i can never satisfy my eyes..