Wednesday 28 November 2012

collar ahead

obsessed with collars and hair accessories by Accessorize.
Wearing korean jumper, margiela for HM shirt, benetton jeans, reebok shoes, Accessorize collar, hair piece, ring, bracelets and bag.

Monday 26 November 2012

outfits require jumpers

weekend requires neighborhood walks, supermarket treats, home made branch and a casual chic easywear to promote all the above.
Well, the translation: "Accessorize" leather bag (called "Pony Colour Block X Body") AND statement necklace, "Lee" jeanshirt, "Benetton" jumper, "Badila" pants and "Adidas" gold shoes.

Sunday 25 November 2012

ss13 flash for somf + digitaria

Somf and Digitaria gave us a hint of their upcoming collections, during a fashion flash organized by Ozon mag, a week ago. This took place at my fav venue downtown Athens "Parnassos", where i used to perform my piano recitals for many years. I have performed more than 10 times there, so this quick visit woke up some strong musical memories in me.. And that's why i was so emotional during the whole event.. So, i enjoyed twenty times more the two beautifully organized shows.
I am watching Somf evolving day by day, growing and becoming an authentic high standard brand with unique design and trademarked prints or laser cuts.
Digitaria keeps surprise us with this underground image, emerging an inspired coolness, called art itself. Enjoy.



Saturday 24 November 2012

TR2 the trunk show

ouou forgot to post my snapshots in action from the TR2 event last week in an amazingly aristocratic old house in Kifissia, feat. George Karampellas and Bella Louloudaki art pieces.. We had a blast and delicious cupcakes by margarita!!! cheers!

Wednesday 21 November 2012

the margiela shirt

i know, many of you were pushing and shouting behind me, next to me or on my head, or whatever.. If i let the crowded memories of the 'Margiela for HM event' go away, what's left? This amazing- love with the first sight- shirt piece. Easy people, it's mine now, back off! ;)

Sunday 18 November 2012

what a stylish lady

well, last Tuesday, during the Margiela for H&M event downtown Athens, i bumped into this GORGEOUS woman. What a style. And of course, i couldn't resist capturing her coolness. That's what i call Hardcore Chicness. Admire and get inspired to start a stylish week ;)

Sunday 11 November 2012

nike all over

Big day today with the 30th Athens Classic Marathon taking place under the Greek sun, with Raymond Bett finishing first! Well, once i didn't make it to be present to give a standing ovation to the winners, i decided to work out nearby. All dressed up in Nike. Cause running counts, but running in Nike rocks.
Clothes and shoes, all sponsored by Nike.

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Reebok old time classics

well well you bet i'm a Reebok fan. Being an athlete for many  many years (now i'm a champion only at window shopping, and i'm not saying shopping -too provocative in our days), my reebok collection of shoes and clothes is too looong to fit in my wardrobe. Love brands are a good enough reason to make you leave your homey on Saturdays mornings -like this past one that i was invited to the new shop in shop Reebok classics at Ten Store in Monastiraki of Athens. My pinkish classics on my happy feet below are a thoughtful gift by Reebok !!thanx thanx!!

Sunday 4 November 2012

the fashion room service once again

at Fresh Hotel, this time.
The established served designers' special day by ozon raw magazine and absolut vodka.
You remember the concept from here, here and here, cause of course we never miss it.
This time, i was amazed by some new entries, while enjoying friends' rooms. My cam on fire:

paul sarz, dark and majestic as we know him. A designer with characteristic work trademarks:


A new entry: Displexia. I felt that her beauty was contagious towards her creations. Entering the room, i was first surprised by the beauty of this lady -the designer- and then her jewellery hit me to my consuming craziness.

Iron fist -presented by New Cult. Cool meets kitsch, and both meet the streets:

Moving on to our beloved Prigkipw. Kalomira and Kelly are the joy of life, the laughter, the kisses. That's why their pieces are -also- the joy of life, the laughter, the kisses. Dumn right. Wanna bet?

Hysteria Asteria. The Cypriot friend who dresses me up -all the wayyy. Thumbs up for her new collection. Visit her at the Hidden Showroom -and soon near you with her second store in Athens at Halandri yei yei.

Hallelujah Design - extra points for the recycling methods,  unique pieces. Loved them:

Digitaria and her international art projects:

ippolito. When God made pavlina, he was definitely laughing, singing and dancing. But you already know that, so i skip the part of expressing myself aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaa. Check out her new collection Bahar and then feel free to scream more vowels. Bonus: some close up pics in bags' details:

And us two, pretending to be uncool:

de.bour I WANT THESE SHOES. I hope they are as comfy as beautiful:

SOMF: Top girls bring us THE Coolest prints:

WESC, the love brand. I know guys, you go crazy for the headphones!!