Friday, 27 September 2013


..IS ALWAYS COOL ( is always cool as well)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Waving summer. But Cannot let it leave my thoughts without, at least, mention my summer essentials- these everyday things that are aligned with the sun, the smile and the holidays. For this past summer, i shameless give credits to:

1. Those Marc Jacobs sunglasses. I've been having them since forever, but for some unknown reason, my drawer decided to open for mister summer13. (What an honor for mister summer)

2. This Accessorize hat that was refusing to leave my head every single night after beach. I've never seen a cooler one actually. Never
3. The petrol swimwear piece (i've talked about it a lot already)

4. Eastern style (indian-ish) pink shoes. So cheap and chic that i'll never stop being in love with them.

5. And the most essential of all, the beach. When you live in southern Athens, you learn to actually live with summer. So, i give extra credits to Yabanaki beach, cause it simply is my happy place to be.

And now i'm ready to kiss summer 13 goodbye.

Monday, 23 September 2013


Kimono welcomes fall.
Wearing: Zara kimono, Joanna Cave earrings,  Accessorize clutch, Inglot eye shadow and nail enamel, Pepe jeans dress. Photos were taken during saturday night out for dinner at Barque Restaurant, which by the way was a great weekend choice. Delicious dishes.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Well. Once this is the end of a season, i decided to scream-cream the truth out loud. I have been testing many beauty products for face and hair for several months, and here is my sincere words. I decided to photoshoot my top preferences regarding face care creams and hair care products. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST and none of those products was given to me as a gift, except for the moroccanoil large bottle of hair defining cream and the frizz control product. I traditionally bought all the rest and many more, which are not worth mentioning in this top products post.
The products that i chose to photoshoot are the winners of my long lasting trials.

First of all, the face cream that left me speechless is the Frezyderm suncare Color Second skin with Velvet Technology. Excuse me? What did you say? Sun protection AND color AND moisturizing? This is the best cream i have EVER worn in my entire life. It doesn't make my skin heavy and it's so soft and discrete that you can wear it every day, also as a light make up base.

For peeling, i vote for SENSAI or the Darphin below, once a week.

For eyes, i also vote for Darphin Eye Gel.

My skin also screams for the Apivita revitalizing mask. Tip: Never ever leave your skin unmasked after peeling.


The below hair care products made quite a difference. I believe that the best of all is the Kerastase Elixir Ultime. It really creates a silk feeling on hair. 

The moroccanoil little oil bottle is far too expensive (15 euros), in comparison to its result. So, even if it's a good product, i don't consider it as a good buy. The frizz control probably will work better on curly hair. And as for the cream, it smells nice - that's the best i can say.

The best value for money product is the Apivita oil and honey conditioner (see below) and this was my trustworthy friend during the whole summer, which never left my beach bag.

And last one, the well known DOVE deep nourishing mask, which so well competes the premium brands of the hair industry.
That's all. Does my point of view find you on the same side?

Saturday, 21 September 2013

the beautiful tattoo girl

half Cypriot - half English, kind as heaven, gold-hearted Chloe.
If this wasn't the digital era that we live in, i'd say that Chloe is my penpal. But, under nowadays circumstances, Chloe is what we call a fellow blogger. So, we've been following each other since more than 5 years now. And, finally, the meeting day came. This summer. About a month ago, the opening of the new Inglot store in Cyprus brought us together. Maybe for some of you is hard to understand, but i can assure you that feelings are strong and beautiful when it comes to the person with whom you've shared thoughts and fashion moments through the net, for so many years, every day. Now is the right moment to say that internet is not what brings you close, but the airplane does. (that was a joke)
You can enjoy Chloe's fashion choices, cool outfits and her unique writing on
Make up by INGLOT. My dress by Monsoon.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


A huge HI to everyone who missed me around here! I missed you too:)
One of the best summers of my life just closed. Many thoughts, a lot of emotional things to say.  
I know that you are expecting visuals from my wedding - hold on - Bridal post needs a lot of work, time and love. Love is checked, so work and time remain to be built.
During Istanbul honeymoon, an amazing shirt designed by Alexis Barrell walked on the busy streets of the city, along with my MIUMIU leather bag and my benetton skinny jeans.