Sunday 22 September 2013


Well. Once this is the end of a season, i decided to scream-cream the truth out loud. I have been testing many beauty products for face and hair for several months, and here is my sincere words. I decided to photoshoot my top preferences regarding face care creams and hair care products. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST and none of those products was given to me as a gift, except for the moroccanoil large bottle of hair defining cream and the frizz control product. I traditionally bought all the rest and many more, which are not worth mentioning in this top products post.
The products that i chose to photoshoot are the winners of my long lasting trials.

First of all, the face cream that left me speechless is the Frezyderm suncare Color Second skin with Velvet Technology. Excuse me? What did you say? Sun protection AND color AND moisturizing? This is the best cream i have EVER worn in my entire life. It doesn't make my skin heavy and it's so soft and discrete that you can wear it every day, also as a light make up base.

For peeling, i vote for SENSAI or the Darphin below, once a week.

For eyes, i also vote for Darphin Eye Gel.

My skin also screams for the Apivita revitalizing mask. Tip: Never ever leave your skin unmasked after peeling.


The below hair care products made quite a difference. I believe that the best of all is the Kerastase Elixir Ultime. It really creates a silk feeling on hair. 

The moroccanoil little oil bottle is far too expensive (15 euros), in comparison to its result. So, even if it's a good product, i don't consider it as a good buy. The frizz control probably will work better on curly hair. And as for the cream, it smells nice - that's the best i can say.

The best value for money product is the Apivita oil and honey conditioner (see below) and this was my trustworthy friend during the whole summer, which never left my beach bag.

And last one, the well known DOVE deep nourishing mask, which so well competes the premium brands of the hair industry.
That's all. Does my point of view find you on the same side?

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Marianna Chalkiadaki said...

I loved everything, but the leave-in conditioner and the Morrocanoil products are the ones that I'm definitely going to search for. Great post, as usual!