Thursday, 24 May 2012

Monday, 21 May 2012

Topshop in Greece

The Greek fashion luxury spots 'Sotris' welcomed Topshop pieces and brought ladies' extra screams in our country. Last Friday at Golden Hall of Athens, a party on Amateurboyz vibes.

interviewing andreas menelaou

Andreas Menelaou lives in Hong Kong and is Fashion Accounts Executive & Media Planner for Most importantly, he is an amazingly kind and love-hearted person, a good friend that i definitely miss. Scroll down to know everything about Andreas' super promising career, his international moves, his life in Hong Kong, his fashion preferences and many more.. Be inspired.

You are currently working in Hong Kong, for the culture magazine HYPEBEAST as Editorial & Accounts Executive. Can you give me a short description of your career steps that lead you to this successful key-position? And which are your current projects?

I always had a real passion for clothes, not fashion or trends per say, but the two inevitably intertwine. I studied International Fashion Marketing and did an MA in Magazine publishing and Fashion Journalism at University of the Arts and Central St.Martins.
To be completely honest I started off in sales working for GAP in the UK and after finishing my degree I transitioned in an assistant Visual merchandiser and then moved to Athens where I was part of the Visual Merchandising team that set up the first GAP stores in Greece.
After that I moved to Marc Jacobs as a brand specialist and visual merchandiser, held the position of Fashion editor at magazine for almost a year before moving back to London and working as a Features writer and Digital editor for 7thMan Magazine(, Advertorial Executive for the London Fashion Week magazine – Phoenix and as an editorial contributor at
Hong Kong’s market and the publishing industry is flourishing immensely in contrast to the European economy and after offered the position at Hypebeast, I thought it would be a great opportunity and I just went for it.
At the moment my main focus is our first Global Hypebeast print magazine that is launching this June of which I am extremely excited to be part of it.

The Greek fashion industry is going through an irreversible crisis, along with every other sector. Taking into account that, for many people, fashion is not a necessity but a luxury, would you motivate our Greek colleagues and fashionistas to leave the country and chase their dreams elsewhere? Or do you believe in an optimistic local recovery plan, and why?

It’s really unfortunate what’s happening in Greece at the moment but for some reason I am not afraid of what’s to come. Being Greek myself we always find a way to turn things around. You see all these innovative new businesses popping up and people have an audacious united front, which is extremely encouraging.
As for giving advise to people, I’m sure I’m not equipped to actually do that. Fashion is definitely alive and kicking in Greece. You have Dapper Dan magazine doing amazingly well globally and designers like Yorgos Eleftheriadis, Stelios Koudounaris and Dimitris Petrou that their work is appreciated internationally and they didn’t have to move away.
People should do what makes them happy and if chasing your dreams abroad is what will put a smile on your face then absolutely, go for it!!

Who or which are your inspirations? People or things that influence your style or your life?

I’m very easily inspired to be honest, which I consider a great asset. It could be a stranger on the street, a picture, a painting, the sky, a smile, a song . My parents inspired me massively and they still do on a daily basis. Their strength and believe in me has been the catalyst of what I’ve achieved until now.
My style is not as exciting as you’d think- Joanna you know me quite well. You’ll always find me in a simple t-shirt or check shirt and jeans or athletic shorts. I guess I’m not very fashionable. At the moment I’m obsessed with vintage football shorts, the ‘90s, grunge music, unprocessed denim and old-skool trainers.

How different is the Asian lifestyle from what you were used to so far?

Million miles away from what I’ve been used to! There’s this crazy work ethic that I’ve never came across in Europe. Also emotions are considered a weakness which I thought was very funny to begin with. So many things are different but sometimes different is good. It’s a great experience being here and I would sound ungrateful if I said I’m not enjoying it.

Do you intend to return to your roots sometime soon?

Hmmm! Interesting question which I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for. The truth is I don’t intend in staying in Hong Kong or abroad forever; and I would like to move back to Athens at somepoint or even Cyprus where my family is from but I’m not going to plan such a decision. I want it to come organically.

In your opinion and personal style, who is the most successful designer nowadays and why?

Oh there’s so many designers and brands that I love and appreciate dearly. Way too many!!
Raf Simons for his continuous marvelous take on simplicity, Miuccia Prada’s element of surprise, Kris Van Assche’s masterful interpretation of the Dior Homme classics and more recently Thom Browne’s tailoring, Philp Lim’s forward thinking and Patrik Ervell’s sleek modernity. I’m also a huge fan of contemporary niche designers like Nigel Cabourn and workwear brands like Carhartt WIP & White Mountaineering.
Japan and Hong Kong have a super array of designers that people should know about like KOLOR (Sacai and Visvim.
I can go for ever!!!!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

H&M press preview

this past tuesday at Booze Cooperativa, minimalism met maximalism.
In the first pic, it's my shot for 5 years H&M in Greece and scrolling down, the new Fall collection, the H&M goddesses and the little details of the soiree.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

victoria kyriakides bridal

'Yes'! I do! This is the answer that every woman dreams of(?)
Well, in my case, that was my answer when the famous Greek designer Victoria Kyriades asked me to be the bride, as part of her bridal collection launching project. Three more fashionistas (annousa, elena, nelly) and myself were invited to Victoria's showroom to choose a wedding dress and present it to our readers in our own way.
There you go. I have prepared two different concepts to express myself and my feelings, wearing this huge disguise - almost a liferole in pictures. Pictures that may not have a groom, but they do have love. But before it gets romantic, i prepare your vision by saying that in the first concept, you'll see the ideal way for a bride -in my mind- to go to church. And i mean roller skating. No fancy cars, no exclamation marks, just skate. Also, for the poetic ones, you can see the elbow/knee pads as a statement towards fragile heart and promising life moves, such as the wedding.
For the first shooting the credits go to:
Photographer: Petros Poulopoulos
Make Up: Angeliki Vassila

As for the second shooting, brides went crazy in the city. Athenian scenery, the chaos we love. Voices, screams, laughs.. Love and hate. Contradictory Athens, contradictory brides. Victoria Kyriakides transformed us for a day. She made us feel the centre of the world. She does magic. Enjoy the beautiful work of:
Photographer: Christos Arazos
Hair Stylist: Renos Politis
Make up Artist: Konstantina Michopanou
Oh and stay tuned for more.....

Friday, 11 May 2012

adidas originals #wsp

That's what happened during yesterday's gathering in Adidas store of Ermou Athens for the originals white space project. Fashionistas, artists, happy people, music, cocktails and the amazing teams of Adidas and Civitas made our evening literally original! Clothes and accessories of Women's SS12 collection attacked my vision and especially the original jeans, that haunted my dreams.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

portrait of may

Last weekend was so contradictory that only confusion is the right word to describe my thoughts. Political scenery, elections, hate and disappointment on the one hand. Sea, sun, friends and love on the other. When the sea touches your hair and the sun your heart, you feel different, right? or not? To tell you the truth, i don't know what i feel. A day just after this surreal political and social experience, i visited the center of homeless people of Athens (i go very often), in order to figure out the 'new' basic needs and offer what i can, motivate others and catch up with cruel reality. My point is that when it comes to this kind of life unfair treatments, you don't really care about the sea, or the sun, or your friends, or the stupid elections, or your out-of-reality fashion blog, or your shopping lethal instincts, or any of other crap.
Maybe i should had posted an image by the homeless little kid instead. But i didn't even have the guts to take one. Feeling bad cause you're in a better position than another is not a plan. Move your ass and do something about it, sounds like one.