Wednesday 16 May 2012

victoria kyriakides bridal

'Yes'! I do! This is the answer that every woman dreams of(?)
Well, in my case, that was my answer when the famous Greek designer Victoria Kyriades asked me to be the bride, as part of her bridal collection launching project. Three more fashionistas (annousa, elena, nelly) and myself were invited to Victoria's showroom to choose a wedding dress and present it to our readers in our own way.
There you go. I have prepared two different concepts to express myself and my feelings, wearing this huge disguise - almost a liferole in pictures. Pictures that may not have a groom, but they do have love. But before it gets romantic, i prepare your vision by saying that in the first concept, you'll see the ideal way for a bride -in my mind- to go to church. And i mean roller skating. No fancy cars, no exclamation marks, just skate. Also, for the poetic ones, you can see the elbow/knee pads as a statement towards fragile heart and promising life moves, such as the wedding.
For the first shooting the credits go to:
Photographer: Petros Poulopoulos
Make Up: Angeliki Vassila

As for the second shooting, brides went crazy in the city. Athenian scenery, the chaos we love. Voices, screams, laughs.. Love and hate. Contradictory Athens, contradictory brides. Victoria Kyriakides transformed us for a day. She made us feel the centre of the world. She does magic. Enjoy the beautiful work of:
Photographer: Christos Arazos
Hair Stylist: Renos Politis
Make up Artist: Konstantina Michopanou
Oh and stay tuned for more.....


*chara said...

poso 8ea?!

Sophia said...

Πόσο τέλειο concept και τι κούκλες όλες! :)

giotagiotaki said...

Νομίζω η καλύτερη με διαφορά!

joanaddicted said...

thank you ladies!
giota, einai mia sullogikh douleia. Den uparxei kaluteros. (Ase pou ola einai upokeimenika!!) but thank u anyways.

Tina Astra said...

Ολες υπέροχες!