Thursday 31 March 2011

elizabeth and james

in love with the whole collection. But this..
i need it

George Prentzas

has arrived. Are you looking for ART direction or some seriously-rock-n-mind-blowing graphic design? Pay him a visit here. trust me he's f*ckin Good.

Wednesday 30 March 2011

hair growing process

yeap. i'm ordering long hair. From now on, i'll be getting a refresher every time my head says: your hair suck-do something.

michael kampe

4fashion/shake III.
Scrolling down, snapshots from Monday's event @Beton7 and the 3d creations by upcoming awarded designer michael kampe.
4fashion/shake is established by Ozon Magazine. Click cause there's so much more to come.
p.s. for past 4fashionshake photoreports, click here.

Monday 28 March 2011

Xclusive designers week -EXTRAS.

Overall- few collections would meet international contemporary standards. Did i mention there was enough porn for everyone on stage? Right now, i'm looking for the lost classy and chic attitude, which was probably left behind to our grandmas. They sure know better. That was the 'overall'. There were exceptions too.

Thank God there was a vintage bazaar by Georgina (that was the treasure room):

Textile designer, Annie P. (cool job):

Fav model on the left. Nafsika, Alex and myself on the right:

Chara Lebessi dress on the left. jeANS on the right:

still jeAns (looks like casting for some 'sensual film' or something:

now i'm convinced that that was all about..:


de.bour's nude styling:

My backstage highlight:

Designer Konstantina Agaliou and her creations:

Designer who thinks he lives in outter space, Konstantinos Mitrovgenis: (to be honest, it's better to live in outter space, rather than Earth right now, so keep up mister)

No intention to be ironic- irony is our spontaneous defence.
If you bloody need some past xclusive shots, look behind here, here, here, here and here.

styling the dinner table

and that's the deco i chose to serve my friends on a homey dinner friday night..

respect to the manicurists

attempt to colour my nails. #fail. Take a look at my total abstract nail canvas and feel free to laugh. Where is my polish remover? immediate action needed.

Friday 25 March 2011

joanaddicted2portraits -Kondia Nesgos

joanaddicted2portraits -Nafsika Lalioti

She usually presents. Today, i'll present her. The MTV girlfriend is posing for me -and she's magical-. (oh my god, have you seen her legs??)

Thursday 24 March 2011

vintage skirt

my posing sucks. Just focus on the skirt!