Tuesday 15 March 2011


Athens, you're such a treasure. Almost every Sunday i go downtown, cause brunch, tourism and friends are gathering in one place: Plaka. And this time, i was glozing Spring and its Sun.
Partners in crime: Jarvis, Cohen, Pavlina, Chris.


Chalkdust and Boots said...

Thank you for posting these. Athens is my favorite city in the world and it breaks my heart that I don't live there (yet. It's in the stars, though.). However, with your photos, I feel a little closer and it reminds me that I'll be there soon.

Penny said...

latrevw tis fwtografies su k mu leipei i athina toso :( k to na vgw arga to vrady k ta magazia na einai gemata kosmo :(

vint junky said...

Oh wow, I'm loving these little candid pics of athens. Mote of this please!
That long knit is incredible BTW hon