Tuesday 30 November 2010

Wax Tailor

Last Saturday @Kyttaro Live in Athens. Parisian love for the first time in our city..
We were not just an audience, but his intuitive reflex.
And of course, many thanks to my french boys for the special treatment ;-)

Friday 26 November 2010

Berlin, i loved everything about you

I still have bombing snapshots in my head from my trip to Berlin. For some reason, my today's punctual coordinates are those of the German capital. So, i believe it's about time to show you what my eyes saw. My back-in-time-visual-box of my beautiful berliner moments have been also featured here and here.


Thursday 25 November 2010

Poetry can design rings

Pure inspiration. Juntaro Tanigawa wrote the 'Two Billion Light - Years of Solitude' poem, which was grabbed by the designer Like Atmosphere and revealed Death in a French kiss. (My addiction to Japanese designers is probably known by now...)
Two rings in one. The male ring inserts its tongue to female ring's mouth and they 'eternally' lock together.
You think it's creepy? No, authentic goth attitude - respectively endorsed.

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Vivienne Westwood

The ultimate outfit. Alexia in Vivienne Westwood:


You've seen this dress again here in its summer version (so am i saying there are actually seasons?)
Sunday is always girls' dinner and homey treatment. Chez Alexia:

Akira Mushi posing for me:

Deathless mood for jewels:
Disobey diet:

Thank you Alexoudi for the love and fat loaded dinner!! :-))

Monday 22 November 2010

my little scorpio

..happy birthday. Wishing a happy and tender-hearted lifetime..
With bottling eternal love.. YOUR scorpio.

Saturday 20 November 2010

spangled november outfit

Clothing and accessorizing with spangles and strass in fuchsia, gold, black, red and silver. That's my november.

Friday 19 November 2010

joanaddicted illustrated by Fashion Algorithms

I am speechless. Katerina from Fashion Algorithms found a new, different, totally innovative way to express her fellow beautiful feelings towards her fav fashion bloggers.
Katerina, it's an honour for me to be one of your fav ;-)
Needless to say how smiley you made my day. THANK YOU isn't enough. All of the style illustration choices you made for me are EXTRAordinary- just like the way YOU see me honey. Flattered..
And did i say how much i love your trademark-design style??? (talking as a fashion designer with my academical expertise only, if i may say so!)
(p.s. Ippolito and Ourania Kay??!!!! you sooooo know me.)

And in order to express MY feelings, here's a poem for you:
If you were a chef, you'd use your rolling-pin, conjuring up your sweet tasted ideas
If you were a fairy, you'd have the magic strass stick for transforming world's worst outfits into coloured pants and leather bags (just like your Mulberry one)
If you were a flower, you'd be adorned roses with tulle petals and croco thorns
If you were a balloon, you'd be air-borne pretending to be a drumlike skirt
If you were a car, you'd have no brakes dear, cause you drive us crazy!!!

Wednesday 17 November 2010

november outfit

I love Blondies.

.LAK -backstage

Wild, sexy, bombastic, in high spirits..was yesterday's show of Lakis Gavalas for .LAK and this winter's collection.
Special thanks to Niki and the LAK press office for hosting me backstage. I had a greattt time.
Public Display of Affection for this photo post. Coming soon report in progress.

Jenny Balatsinou and Vicky Kayia:

Paul Sarz and myself:

Pavlina, the Ippolito designer:

Alexia Kirmitsi, the Hysteria Asteria designer: