Wednesday 10 November 2010


Breathe some Ozon.

Yesterday night, we shaked the disease. To me, always translated as my addictions' disease.
Ozon Magazine presented a rather positively harmed point of view by the disease that we are spreading. And to do so, Ozon had to choose and invite: Ted Polhemus, Matthieu Lavanchy, Schmidt/Takahashi, Christos Costarellos, Digitaria, Romina Karamanea and Joalz. Each for a shake. All of them hit by the fashion (or should i say style?) disease.

Getting started with some attendees-friends.
Pavlina (dressed in Hysteria Asteria) and kataifi:

Me and kataifi :

Ok, enough with this, Pavlina, kataifi and myself. This has to stop now:

The blue photographer:

More event's attendees:

 Getting insider's information:

 And that insider is Ted Polhemus, the famous anthropologist, writer and photographer. Invited by Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture. Exploring human body and clothing.

So, finally, looking in this mirror, does anyone have any idea what is he or she (or it) looking at? Personally, i'm never brave enough to stand still and explore myself and whatever is in this mirror. It's not that i don't like going deeper, it's just that i never find time to do so. How sad is that? And i know that happens to most of us. So, we can absolutely say that this lecture yesterday was an opportunity to do so, and not only for what we heard and discussed in the room, but i'm sure i'll be eating this food for though for the next days. Apparently, there is some time left to dive, i guess.
I'm smelling strong style improvised peracidity. But beyond social frontiers.

Schmidttakahashi Video and Fashion Show:

Christos Costarellos Video:

Digitaria Video:

Joalz Live:

Romina Karamanea Fashion Show:

And my usual portraits. This time shot the event's party:

Ino Mei, the rock dj and photographer:

This is the behind-the-scenes girl! The camera woman of the event:

This haircut reminds me of something..:

kataifi and me. (Hadn't this stopped?)

The view of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (a bit shaked):

Romina Karamanea:

Vassilis Barbarigos:

The dj, Bad Spencer:

Joalz's Singer:


Muki Mu Kats said...

okz twra zhlepsa omws ;P
*uperoxes fotos!
**extra kiss to pavlina,kataifi and you and a wow for Joalz's singer! ;D

ToKataifi said...

pali katagiozis ime....

(btw manari exis poli telia isia miti!)

joanaddicted said...

@kataifi: hahaha s'euxaristw!! mou thn ekane dwro h.. mama mou!!
p.s. ti simainei katagiozis????????? ho

joanaddicted said...

@mouki: thanks baby and don't worry -you'll be with us next time, right???! big kiss

Anonymous said...

just like I was there! That's one great post! And I really liked your thoughts on the mirror issue! Something we should discuss more thoroughly! Portraits amazing as usual!

annie said...

such a great event. cool pics

chloe said...

oh my god, i LOVE ted polhemus, my whole university studies were SO influenced by him, amazing! i'm very jealous you got to attend such an event, aaarrrrggg!! :)