Wednesday 17 November 2010

.LAK -backstage

Wild, sexy, bombastic, in high spirits..was yesterday's show of Lakis Gavalas for .LAK and this winter's collection.
Special thanks to Niki and the LAK press office for hosting me backstage. I had a greattt time.
Public Display of Affection for this photo post. Coming soon report in progress.

Jenny Balatsinou and Vicky Kayia:

Paul Sarz and myself:

Pavlina, the Ippolito designer:

Alexia Kirmitsi, the Hysteria Asteria designer:


Alessia said...

great great great great great great great post,man!!!!!!!!!thanks for sharing!

ToKataifi said...

i foto tis muki vgike teliaaaa!

Nells said...

i love lak!!he's the best we've got in that area of fashion-style...u r so lucky girl!!!!

naiad said...

ti trela mallia pou eixan ta montela- iperteto backstage!

Alecca Rox said...

ah, excellent, u've got visual! i'm such a fan of .lak shows but date just wasn't right for me this season:(

let me tell the world now, these pics are well worth checking out!

Muki Mu Kats said...

@kataifi vriskeis?
@jo hell yeah! obsession with the backstage stuff!

Jo said...

Teleies opws panta! ti fwtografos 8ee!

paul sarz said...