Wednesday, 16 December 2015


I think it's time to get back to writing. All this time, i've been sharing my news mostly through Instagram, but it's time to take some big blog breaths as well. Entering the 8th month of pregnancy, things are super busy, more than ever. So, these past months, while beautifully growing along with my baby, i've been trying to keep up with work, friends, pregnancy fatigue, baby preparations and the development of my clothing line ROSES ARE RED (dedicated post will follow). Today, i found some time to share with you -and especially with the moms to be- the gained practical experience for these difficult, yet magical months, regarding the little everyday -but important- things that can make your life easier and nicer. What I like to call "A bump guide":

When a pregnant woman is working all day long and is all over the place, she definitely needs a BACKPACK, so that she can better protect her body against heavy load. (This one has been really practical to me, it's a leather Cromia beauty).

While you're growing fast, your rings may not fit you that well, especially after 7th or 8th month. What i prefer to do is to give meaning to one jewel at a time, living with it and making it part of my life. These past months, i've got this obsession with this chevalier - also a safe solution to match the weeding ring.

Always keep it simple and practical. Bumps need stretch comfy dresses and stylish flat shoes. You don't need to buy pregnancy clothes, just smooth stretch dresses and you're all set. Plus, you can wear them after giving birth too! The only super useful things that you will need to buy are pregnancy tights. Don't go too far, you'll find what you need in oysho or h&m. And remember, don't choose to put volume on volume. In all cases, you will look thinner in bodyshaped outfits rather than loose fit ones.
The shoes are also a chapter on its own. What saved me were these Migato over the knee flat boots (matching all mini stretch dresses), the leather oxfords Palomitas by Paloma Barcelo , Minnetonka booties (both available in Shoebox kolonaki) and the fav brogues by Office brand.

For the working moms to be who don't have enough time to cook, make wise delivery choices. Like this one with homemade quality food at Archontiko restaurant. It'w always a safe solution.

is the place that you need to be -mentally- in order to discharge thoughts and clear up your mind. Every time i need to step back for a while, i close my eyes and go to my safe place, which looks something like this picture below (try this at home too, it's therapeutic and magical):

Designing the baby room is one of the favs in the list. Except for the nursery furniture, other objects that can give a certain character to the room are the curtains, the carpet or lighting furniture (i found this one below, but i'm not sure yet if i'm going for it)..

And here trying to design the baby's room with the hubby. Handcrafting is always a good idea! (Coffee is a good idea too - cup by The Blue White.)

which is also a therapeutic procedure! Can't help it, i love gold deco. This xmas, i preferred gold details only. Telis seemed to have the same opinion.

How lucky i am to find this old, handmade grandma's carpet? Mint & pink is one of my fav color combinations. No second thoughts for this one.

Happy baking everyone!

Thursday, 16 July 2015


Stripes, navy elements, tassels, cropped tops, maxi skirts, comfy tees.. This is a wardrobe that creates feelings. Choosing my fav pieces from Pink Woman Glyfada store wasn't easy. All current trends are translated to casual comfy items, that will become your closet's summer essentials. The blue and white stripped maxi skirt gives promises of an endless summer on a boat. The cropped top can now call itself a classic and be a life companion. The tassels top will be your bikini's best friend.. And i already started thinking of those days when the tavern and island's smell follow the beach and the sunkiss.

Shop online here.

Monday, 13 July 2015


A random lovely post seems right to start the week. Let's talk about all these things that may put a smile on the faces when things are complicated.

New amazing design brand THE BLUE WHITE, created by Alexandra Stais.
An ode to Greek tradition in its best modern approach, keeping the blue and white spirit alive in a clever and inspiring way. Alexandra creates designs and items that make your home feels more authentic and happy. Find out more here.

Another fav little thing that created huge smile: JUICY COUTURE bag exclusively made for Joanaddicted. What can i say, this brand combines two totally different personalities: rock & romantic, and that's the uniqueness about it!

Have to mention the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty expo during my London trip. The most impressive, emotional, bold exhibition i have ever seen. Take a look for yourself.

Smile creator number 4. The Harrods windows' Flowers. Loved them.

Speaking of London, Accessorize Press Trip was a pure inspiration for the season to come. Epic prints and jeweleries are the reason to "can't wait for the winter". The following two photos is just a sneak peak of the beauty that is about to be revealed in a few months.

Next. Friends that make Home Made Dinners - priceless.

Marie Claire blog Awards moment with Gala Gonzales.
Wearing two pieces silk printed outfit, designed by me.

And last but not least, new obsession. Toshiba's Canvio Connect II, a portable HDD offering up to 2 TB of storage, 10 GB of free cloud storage and remote access across multiple device. What not to love about toshiba? It's a pure jewel afterall.

Monday, 1 June 2015


June begins in its most festive way. Joanaddicted blog is nominated for Marie Claire Blog Awards once again. And this huge smile is meant to say a huge thanks to the mc team for nominating me among other beauties for the Social Media Darling category, under Bosch Keratin support.

My wavy hairstyling is the result of the Bosch Keratin Advance little treasure. Extra tip: Press the magic button that says "keratin" for the perfect temperature for hair, being safe from damage. And you're ready to party.

Monday, 4 May 2015


Lawyers, roll up your sleeves! Joanaddicted blog supports the first Fashion Law Conference, that will be held on the 14th of May. It's a very important initiative for fashion industry with an impressive agenda. Click here for all information and don't hesitate to contact with the organization team to step in!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

ROSES ARE RED loungewear

Well, it's easier talking about others' work, right?
But it's time to write about my new loungewear brand ROSES ARE RED. It was launched one month ago, although i couldn't find a single moment to sit down, take a breath and put the words together. This is the most hard-working and creative time of my life and it feels so right sharing it with you.
I always wanted to create my own label, since i had the Fashion Design Diploma in my hands, but when the right time comes, you just feel it. And when you get to combine the biggest passions of your life, it's even dreamier. Referring to design + poetry. The collection is accompanied by a series of poems that compliment the brand's poetic concept, inspired by the love couplet "Roses are red, Violets are blue". Just as this couplet is the beginning of an incomplete poem, challenging you to continue the rhyme, ROSES ARE RED garments are made for you to continue their story, wearing them and living in their silk touch.
Well, i believe that most of you have already seen the collection online here. So, this is a post dedicated mostly to all these people who stood by me in order to create a beautiful, poetic campaign, corresponding to ROSES ARE RED's personality.
A huge THANKS to photographer Maria Maraki for an excellent cooperation and result, Elena Hatzinikolidou for her amazing hands creating the romantic make up, Alexandra Stais for the Graphic Design and the whole input in the creative direction, Akis Akila for the hair styling. My two amazing models Fleur Van Sande and Ilias Konstantinou for making everything look beautiful and my two best friends for their precious help Vassia Baka and Pavlina Papailiopoulou
Posting the campaign here, although you can take a look on eshop as well.