Tuesday 31 May 2011

hunger for hanger

been doin' a creative research lately for an interior project and for some reason i paid special attention to hangers and the amazing feeling of how many things you can do with them.. little ideas-digging sample below. recommended - do this at home.



Today's inspiration collage to welcome summer. In a world of despair, sometimes you need to close your eyes and stand still for a moment.

Monday 30 May 2011


sweet. Skondras Fashion Accessories is the greek company behind the brand Fullah Sugah. Kind enough to send me some of their new items of the Spring/Summer '11 collection. Cant wait to make my mixed styling with those sugars. Find the rest of the collection on their e-shop here.

new collection PREVIEW - rubies and sapphires by paul sarz

Paul's new collection. Hell yeah i was the first one to see it and keep the greatest pieces for myself mouahaha. This time, he went dark using rubies and sapphires. And i went crazy. Here's a first limited view of his work..

Sunday 29 May 2011

Saturday 28 May 2011

fashion auction event @ le grand balcon

The unique concept Afternoon made in Greece boutique, home to Greek designers exclusively, is now transformed and reinvented!! With the support of St.t George Lycabettus Hotel, Iphigenia Papatheodotou and Polycarpos Manousaridis, are coordinating the first Fashion Auction Event, where 7 Greek designers will present their creations, followed by an auction including one of a kind fashion items by new and renowned designers. A one and only opportunity to see their creations and bid on your favorite pieces.
ALL Designers: Beloved, NUDE by POLYWOOD, Dimitris Kaidatzis, Kristina P., Freedom, Beautyfool, Sotiris Georgiou, Panos Apergis Christine&Joe, Katerina Alexandraki, Melina Pispa, N.Y , Evangelos Michelis and Apostolos Mitropoulos.
Wednesday 1st of June
Start at 6:00 afternoon time at Grand Balcon St. George Lycabettus Hotel
2, Kleomenous str. 10675 Athens, Greece

Thursday 26 May 2011

wedding snapshots collage of happiness

wishing my precious friends Evi and Stelios eternal love and happiness.

breaking news for Antoine Antoniadis

The Greek designer (reminder here and here) now in 'La Suite' des GALERIES LAFAYETTE in Paris.
(Point de vue magazine: Dita Von Teese in Antoine Antoniadis.) Hell yeah!

Tuesday 24 May 2011

portrait confused in between multi-personalities

just sayin'!

in ozonraw

thank you ozon for this great shot...

Check out last P.L.Us page (and more) on current issue.


Ladies.. are you ready to feel you?
im.me clever, im.me sexy, im.me free, im.me hot, im.me! i am me! είμαι. im.me

I had warned you here for this new beachwear brand -created by one greek and one cypriote provocative designer- that blew me away. Alexia Kirmitsi kai Anna Petrides are presenting their summer work with a rather 'cool' way. Warning. It's gettin' hot.
(Oh and there's one more secret coming up. Soon a special promo for Hysteria Asteria and Akira Mushi, in which i'm participating, wearing their creations... shhhhhh!)
Till then, find these hot bikinis@ Hidden Showroom, Papanikoli 6 str, Psirri, Athens.

Monday 23 May 2011

do u really want to hurt me?

WOW. The second issue of Ozon's international edition was just published and will be in the stands all around the world approximately by next week. OZON summer issue is inspired by Culture Club’s ‘Do you really want to hurt me?’ and explores violence in all shapes and forms.
Photography: Nikolas Ventourakis
Designer: Una Burke
Model: Anna (Select, London)

in black

in 50s, in love, in party, in happiness, in Sunday mood.

Thursday 19 May 2011

poeting in the museum

    Facing the portrait of Alexander the Great, she came closer to her lipstick, and after a super red refreshing movement between her lips and the beauty product, she passionately started kissing the marbled statue. Alexander’s portrait is now red and confused.
    After this strong and soft experience, she skillfully sat on the marble throne to enjoy her much deserved moment of glory, being the instant Alexander’s lover.
    And what an anciently contemporary queen would she be if it wasn’t for the treasure. Here comes the bunch of the gold coins that will take us out of the financial crisis–oh that’s an inappropriate drooling.
    Two steps further, a hypothesis of Goddess Aphrodite’s portrait. Seriously, Aphrodite used to have bronze eyelashes and now these eyelashes –symbol of beauty- betrayed her, rolling down her stunning marble face. It gives the illusion of crying. So, she stayed still in front of its majesty and cried along with the statue. Compassion and sympathy. That’s all a forgotten prisoner-marble, locked in a prestigious cool museum, needs. The black tears of Aphrodite made her think of the socio-psychological rape we all feel.
    And then the gigantomachy Athena showed her the way out. You snakes, dance with her – that’s her only way out of this cage. Be her hair on her head, be the fibres of her clothes. Be her faithful friends, you socially harassed snakes. You can ‘mortally kombat’ the lionhead that lies strong on the other floor. This Parthenon’s waterspout was definitely in use, since the threaten by Lapith’s naked body was a deep amuse.
    Finally, her walk into the museum and her playing-around with its habitants ended with a game. Bowling. Yes, that’s what the magic sphere with the God Sun challenged her to do. ‘Oh God, this magic sphere tells the future-it’s got the New York’s Statue of Liberty on it. –No, you fool. It’s just its ancestor -the God Sun.’
    And just like that with a magic bowling sphere, the statues fell down on the floor and their spirit was released free.
    And here’s when the orchestra starts to play.

(Going back to reality, please accept my apologies for those who feel offended by this story- a pure product of imagination. Our ancient treasure has got my absolute respect. Please consider my words to be a variant of today’s reality, expressed in symbolisms and sarcasm.)

Tuesday 17 May 2011

joanaddicted2portraits - short film

Staring Daphne and Konstantinos. 'things you can do in an elevator while you bore your ass'

Monday 16 May 2011

arrrgh! monsters in fashion

a world-first paradoxical exhibition @benaki museum. Organized by Atopos CVC.
What my eyes caught during the opening, on Saturday night. Visit these monsters until the 31st of july.
(We are monsters afterall.)