Saturday 14 May 2011

About me

This little bio is made for combating curiosity.

With an academic background in management and finance, being a Paris XII and Piraeus University alumni, it was about time for me to get lost in fashion. Obtaining fashion design diploma in Paris, I worked for two parisian fashion agencies ‘groupe 22v’ and ‘bmcs’, cooperating with new international Haute Couture and moyenne/haute gamme designers, such as Aganovich, Malene Birger, Farah Angsana, Elm, Orwell, LH par Lecoanet & Hemant, Shawnyï, Yoichi Nagasawa. I participated in the organisation of fashion shows in Carrousel du Louvre and Grand Hotel Opera for Paris Fashion Week, and the representation of designers in exclusive expos and fairs.

After a bunch of Parisian fashion highlights, I –pretty well- got the message that fashion is a cool luxury game, but it surely doesn’t save lives or anything. Deciding to go on with my academic background, I left Paris for a masters degree in marketing and innovation (still doesn’t save lives..) in my favourite french city, Lille. It was then that I decided to keep fashion in a hobby basis, so that I can stay in love with it forever. And so my business life got serious, finding myself working in Brussels for Lexus Europe. Love brought me back to my roots-bloody-roots, Athens, where I launched myself into communication sciences and multinational companies, working for the biggest European retailer as a communication manager, for 5 years. But my passion met fashion once again, and i went on living the dream, currently being pr manager for my fav fashion brands.
This blog is a way out from reality and meets my love for fashion –or should I say for anything that triggers my style point of view. is classified among the best known Greek fashion blogs, hosting several synergy projects with designers and cooperating with the biggest companies in fashion industry.