Saturday 7 May 2011


what's better for a friday night than finding yourself in delight's studio, chatting on a balcony with an Acropolis view, with two multitalented supercool girls? Dafni Iliaki and Evi Retziou are the minds behind greek brand Delight. Admiration and respect. Not only because they do a brilliant job with their collections, making them better and better every season, but also because they have no sense of egoism (and that's actually how the team work stands out). During the daylight, they both work @ vimadonna magazine, and that speaks to me as two hard-working and down-to-earth women, who are chasing their dream (or better -they live their dream).
Both girls started their academic lives with economics, but then soon understood that they were made for clothing industry, so that they could translate their creative intelligence.
p.s. more coffees and beers are yet to come inevitably -Dafni is my neighbor (we actually can see each other from our windows, just across the street) and not to mention we are school alumni.

Scroll down to taste them, their work, their bloody cool studio, and myself being delighted.

p.s. Delight designed the uniforms for Onassis Cultural Centre. Awsomness.

More delight here, here, here, here and here.


pavlina said...

teleio teleio teleiooooo!!!!!! bravo sou k bravo sta koritsia! eimai tempted na kanw share, mou epitrepete?

Unknown said...

you are such a good person you really deserve to be happy:)
bravo iwannoula:)

chloe said...

wow, such talented ladies, nice post!
and ioanna i LOOOOVE your hair in these pics! you remind me of karen o xxx