Thursday 3 May 2012

Converse Pop Up Store

Colors, streets, art, paints, smiles, faces, shoes, shoes and shoes compose the scenery of yesterday's Converse -bloggers only- event at the new pop up store of Glyfada. I felt like I was "putting strings on" to play music with the help of shoelace. And around us, a tornado of colors. The artists made their magic and filled us with a bunch of exclamation marks. Except for the kind people of Folli Follie Group, who hosted us in the most creative way, the store was dressed in color and screams by fellow bloggers, ready for action. Each one of us chose one color star to be uniquely customized by the two cool Converse artists.
Scroll down to check out my "joanaddicted - all star shoe", the boys and girls, the store and the magic of the creative minds.

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ShoppingTherapy said...

τέλεια βγήκαν τα παπουτσάκια!