Friday 30 April 2010

Floral Brain Wash Vol2.

Most of us, we are in love with the florals this summer, cause of the brainwash in the fashion industry. You go to 'Miu miu', to 'Zara', to 'Dolce', to 'H&M', to 'leave-me-alone-enough-with-the-flowres-im-allergic-but-still-i-try', and you see all kind of flowers in all kind of prints in all kind of materials in all kind of summer clothes! So, ok i will wear florals this summer, it's clear (cause i'm not actually given any other choice if i want to purchase something new!), but should i go that far????? Take a look at a Zara piece that i found, although i'm not quite convinced to wear it in common street view....

The real story End

And i'm not saying the real FAIRYTALE end!
I received these tragic, sarcastic, hilarious pictures. I'm sure many of you have already seen them, but i found very interesting how powerful helpless reality is married to the even stronger promising past. How hidden concepts over the years change meanings and sometimes end up being meaningless, but always timeless and constant. I find them hilarious, cause there's nothing left to do but sarcasm! Even in our dreams, creations thoughts and hopes!!!

The real end of Cinderella:

The real end of Snow White:

The real end of Little Red Riding Hood:

The real end of Sleeping Beauty:

The real end of Aladdin's Jasmin:

The real end of The Beauty and the Beast (In this pic, we can see both, i guess..):

The real end of Little Mermaid:

Thursday 29 April 2010

My new obsession, Chloe

The new fragrance by Chloe. I had no idea..
Last week, i saw my good friend and beauty editor in Vogue, Kakia, and, as always, i started asking her to know all about the new beauty things that she is discovering around the world.. And as she knows me really really well, she just preferred recommending me, according to my personality, a fresh and new fragrance, that hasn't even arrived in Greek beauty stores yet... She said 'Just go for the new Chloe, it's made for you'.
So, having blind faith to my friend, i went all around Athens in order to find it (big story how i found it...)

Opening it, i started feeling things...Smelling it, i felt no gravity.
Vintage with modernity, floral with flower absence, artistic but common sense, summery with winter touch, young with maturity... what happened to me? i don't expect you to understand what i'm saying. But if you'll have the chance to smell this new Chloe magical atmosphere, close your eyes first. Will you be feeling your feet down to earth?

Preferred to match it with my Yves Saint Laurent Ring in this pic............

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Welcoming Summer

Shoes Jose Reis, Dress Pepe, Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs, Earrings Dyrberg Kern

Monday 26 April 2010

Style doesn't need any clothes

Skate forward. Yesterday, i was found @ Technopolis among skaters, with the occasion of the 7ply project. To be honest, thanks to Lopi, my eye was triggered and wanted to see by itself what so special was going on there! So, instead of skateboard on my hands, i carried my camera, doing my own backflips..

This post isn't about the outfits, but the attitude. 

Ok...seriously, this kid isn't the absolute style icon??:

Peep toe?? This girl has actually cropped her converse. That's what i mean summer mood!:

And here i am (leipei o martis apti sarakosti???) -sorry, no translation for that!!!

And my gorgeous 'personal photographer', Gautier V.:

Short pants, get out of my wardrobe!

Muki Mu Kats and her innovative 'toys'!!!

I am not the type of person who systematically meets people via internet, but sometimes this is more than just good! And that was the case when I had the enormous chance to meet one super cute person (thank you Facebook..)! So i'd like to introduce you the fresh and innovative Greek jewelery designer, Muki Mu Kats.
19 years old, student, passionate with jewelery making, since she remembers herself... She is inspired by her old toys, and everything that she used to hate when she was a little girl (she still is, actually...!), like the grandma's vintage clothes or the Channel classical bags!
This last year, she has evolved her technique and she uses stones, zippers, plastic, textiles, paper...anything falling on her magical hands!!

She has, already, taken part into 3 expositions with the Be Younique Team, and many more are expected
to come (promise to give you notice)..

Her trademark is anything POP, while she dreams a world full of colors - and she's definitely part of it!!

If you find all these creations interesting, different, inspirational (as i do), you can find Muki's profile on Facebook as 'Mouki Mou Kats'! Enjoy...

Saturday 24 April 2010

Berliners' style touch, vol.3

Obviously, i can't stop posting about my Berliner experiences. Sooo many pictures in my files and so many thoughts in my head.. can't wait to get out there!!!

So, i'm taking another ride to the Berliner streets i passed by and the people who triggered me in some way..

100% Adorable hair :

These jeans have a story to tell:

Student / Work break? Straight to the bakery:

Out of a second hand shop in Rosenthalerstrasse. Hope the fur is fake:

I was about to get close to that girl and undress her, in order for me to possess this jacket!

Bag Appetite:

Travel Appetite:

Shopping Appetite:

Striped bike:

Morning Coffee Seduction:

Stairway to.. heaven?