Wednesday 14 April 2010

Berliners' style touch, vol.2

I feel totally blurred, crashed, excited by the Berliners and their seriously animated and creative styles!!
During this week in Berlin, i felt i was in the realm of imagination, getting inspirational overdose!!
Here are some of the intolerably beautiful street looks of my Berliner intrusion:

Graaaand Hair:

This girl has something of a grace - and the bag is divine:

Furious and beautiful:

The Androgynous shoes, the vintage bag:

Independent and clangy:

Detailed Blazer - the absolute effect:

Total mix:

The artist Lady:

So tricky...:

The cutest waitress ever! :

Comfortable and chic:


Positive Intrigue:

love blue on winter:

on the market:

forever students? what a blazer!

Definitely a Highlight!

uncharted look:

i want that bag:

in the metro:

how offish?


The ninjas!


Kat said...

They sure know what style means!
I mostly like the short-hair girl!

A Gluten Freestyle said...

Awesome photos, a great inspiration.
Love the location in the first two.