Saturday 24 April 2010

Berliners' style touch, vol.3

Obviously, i can't stop posting about my Berliner experiences. Sooo many pictures in my files and so many thoughts in my head.. can't wait to get out there!!!

So, i'm taking another ride to the Berliner streets i passed by and the people who triggered me in some way..

100% Adorable hair :

These jeans have a story to tell:

Student / Work break? Straight to the bakery:

Out of a second hand shop in Rosenthalerstrasse. Hope the fur is fake:

I was about to get close to that girl and undress her, in order for me to possess this jacket!

Bag Appetite:

Travel Appetite:

Shopping Appetite:

Striped bike:

Morning Coffee Seduction:

Stairway to.. heaven?


Sofi Moukidou said...

wow! dn xerw ti allo na pw, apla latreuw berlin, latreuw street style kai latreuw to blog sou! good job girl!!!
Ooo and i'd like to invite you to vosot my blog! hope you'll like it!

Kelly said...

Thelw k egw toso poli na paw...
Zilepsa poli twra...
Ta koritsia stin prwti photo, ontws exoun teleia kouremata!
Btw thanks gia to sxolio pou mou afises.


Anonymous said...

I hope this fur is fake too! It's so nice of you to share your travel photos with us!

meraldia said...

The whole city looks like a great source of invitation!