Monday 26 April 2010

Muki Mu Kats and her innovative 'toys'!!!

I am not the type of person who systematically meets people via internet, but sometimes this is more than just good! And that was the case when I had the enormous chance to meet one super cute person (thank you Facebook..)! So i'd like to introduce you the fresh and innovative Greek jewelery designer, Muki Mu Kats.
19 years old, student, passionate with jewelery making, since she remembers herself... She is inspired by her old toys, and everything that she used to hate when she was a little girl (she still is, actually...!), like the grandma's vintage clothes or the Channel classical bags!
This last year, she has evolved her technique and she uses stones, zippers, plastic, textiles, paper...anything falling on her magical hands!!

She has, already, taken part into 3 expositions with the Be Younique Team, and many more are expected
to come (promise to give you notice)..

Her trademark is anything POP, while she dreams a world full of colors - and she's definitely part of it!!

If you find all these creations interesting, different, inspirational (as i do), you can find Muki's profile on Facebook as 'Mouki Mou Kats'! Enjoy...

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Anonymous said...

It's good to point out talented people! Go girl!