Saturday 31 July 2010

New Hairstyle (again)

Hair change declares a fusionism of mood tunings and blinking guises.. Once again, passed by Taxiarhis' Zolotas Hair Studio at Kolonaki for a rocking guise this time..

And the day's outfit:

And the night's outfit:

Details lover:

Yes, i liked my hair a lot!!!! (Thank you Nodas for the photoshooting!!!)

Tuesday 27 July 2010

The opium den of Bikinis and their suite

Joanaddicted to Yamamay Bikinis. Yes, i'm saying it loudly! Going in Yamamay boutique with summer mood, going out of Yamamay boutique with a bunch of Bikinis, swept off their feet, cause simply this brand rocks! (Should i say Yamam-yamam-ay????) Great fitting, many style and colors, and most importantly... kind people in the store! So, without 'dislodging' my budget out of initial plans (which didn't include any new swimwear by the way), i was happy and naked in less than a minute! no, not on bed. On the dressing rooms, and then...on the beach!

1. The purple obsession strikes back:

2. Not only blue obsession, but Animal Printed as well. Step back, this can be paralytic!

3. True Black. Love strapless freedom

4. Turquoise echo

And the accompaniment of the summer details:

Starting with a good home made breakfast:

Going on with an isolated secret beach:

Always in readiness:

Deliciously and dangerously equipped:

Horse riding - must:

or not:

With your grandpa:

Or with your fantasy friend if you like:

With natural appetite:

A lot of good home made wine:

And most importantly.. with your friends...
Definately feels like the blissful  scene of an old movie..
My girls, once again, thank you.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Lady Dada

Hyphening divinity of Mother Nature and innocent slumbering beauty of these little French children in Kythnos...
They were trying to catch their dreams with their nets. So did i.

Monday 19 July 2010


Jockers' night
From one globe side to the other - our smile
From a to a - our cares
The cellar of our many selves - BaRaki.

Love, affection, care and Proderm...

I love this piece

in pain?????

Ending up...

And ending up!

Saturday 17 July 2010

Smelled like.. Versatile!

I didn't see that comin'! My lovely Alessia, thank you for passing me the Versatile blogger Award! I have to say that this award wouldn't mean much to me if there wasn't about Alessia! The blogger who keeps us up to date with everything happens around fashion stage and makes commercial magazines useless! So, thank you miss!!

So, i guess it's my turn to share with you guys, 7 things about me.. Hard what comes to mind...Hm...

1. Even though i adore fashion, once upon a time i hated it. And it's not a long story! When i used to live and work in Paris in fashion industry, excited as i was with all those lights and glory, oooh yes i finally reached the 'throwing up' point with all these people who were just living on surface.. I don't give a shit about expensive brands or glamorous outfits - touch me not! But i'm really happy when i'm surrounded by people who can carry and support their own unique style, inspire me and make me want more of it!

2.i'm convinced i'm faking free spirit.. How am i supposed to be one, when all of my life i've been studying classical music??!

3. When i watched the movie '13 Jametti' i'm sure i tasted hell!!

4. I don't know what i love the most, piano or violin. I used to play those for 20 years and now i can't even respectfully touch them.. ending up a complete rock concert junkie!

5. I admire stylish women. BUT I don't like stylish men. I only like those with stylish humour..

6. I wear blue lipstick! (lovin' the bruised illusion)

7. I hate the fact that the above 7 sentences begin with the word 'I'...!!

And with all these ego-nonsence, i pass the precious award to my Chloe..! Cheers!

Thursday 15 July 2010

Holiday Wake

Our naval base, this time, Folegandros. And our loop-hole our mood.

Craggy mood

 Tizzy hauteur mood

Invective damp mood

Retrospective mood