Saturday 3 July 2010

The grind-stoned evening

An ordinary, late requested escape is always good, meaning starting a flamboyant evening at Monastiraki, while getting your mind -and body- out of the everyday office. Thursday evening and i was feeling anesthesia injected, ready to relive my day from the beginning. Like i was on the way to my valedictory party in a water closet.

Roaming around for hours, ended up -totally in an unprovoked attack- at BabaAurum first, Floral afterwards for Salonumuz Klimadir Live. The band did a laborious, exceptional and quite different performance, while my friends and i were playing with profane confidence complements.

My lips, my glass, my wine an my traces:

And the hospitable 'Floral Books+Coffee' place at Exarhia square:


Princess Margot said...

Poso pollu wraio einai auto to post!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ax Athhna th nuxta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiss kiss

Hippypoptimus said...

βόλτες, πρόσωπα, Μοναστηράκι, Φλοράλ, εξάρχεια, μοχίτο...μια βόλτα σε ένα blog!

Sweet melody said...

Moναστηράκι πήγα και εγώ προχθές ;)
Πολύ ωραιές φωτογραφίες και ωραία χρώματα...

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