Tuesday 6 July 2010

Take off your clothes and say it!

Saturday and once again many many events were goin' on downtown! First stop to say it on a t-shirt.. say what??? Some went existentialists, some went daintily, some others preferred squeals, howls or warbles (in a soundproof world though..).. Keramikos square was transformed in messenger of a hotch potch of deep or rush spontaneous words or drawings..
Keystones of the event Varnavas PhIlippou and Stelios Koudounaris.
Even if this different day is over, you can still say it!
So, here is the random t-shirt that Gautier and I created.

Hanging or hugging?

The t-shirts rocked the most:

And the girl rocked the most:
Lovely Elena

The skirt rocked the most:

And how spooky is that??? :


Elena said...

I'm flattered!
It was SO much fun!!! I wish we could do this like once every month!

maria kotsari said...

i love the skirt and the spooky girl...the last one....cool

Lopi said...

grrrr, that post makes me so jealous that I couldn't be there :(

glad you met Elena and you had fun together!

Sweet melody said...

Φαντασία βλέπω...
Πόσό γλυκό είναι το 'LOVE ME'?

check out sweety: http://sweetmelodiesclothes.blogspot.com/

Sweet melody said...

Φαντασία βλέπω..
Πόσο τέλειο το 'LOVE ME' ?

check out sweety: http://sweetmelodiesclothes.blogspot.com/

Alessia said...

cool!joana mou gi aperna mia ap'to blog mou,exeis na paralaveis kati :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

i wish I was there! you always give me the best reports though! well done!

joanaddicted said...

thank you sweathearts!!!!!!
kala i kopelia sto telos einai ola ta lefta!!!! den exo ksanadei pio spooky ufos!!!! liwnw sto gelio

Rose Mae said...

Hey you got a great blog!
Check out my blog too :) xx


Elen King said...

Your haircut is excellent. It is very rock'n'roll, Caren O meets Patti haircut. And a difficult one to look good on someone! Bravo!