Monday 19 July 2010


Jockers' night
From one globe side to the other - our smile
From a to a - our cares
The cellar of our many selves - BaRaki.

Love, affection, care and Proderm...

I love this piece

in pain?????

Ending up...

And ending up!


battered couture said...

hey! we have the same romper. I think you rock it waay better than I do :)

Lopi said...

damn you girls, posting pics of summer vacations and all... I envy!

looking gooood, as always ;)

joanaddicted said...

@battered couture: you don't need any romper to rock, gorgeous. you rock enough by yourself and only!

joanaddicted said...

@lopi: oooo baby thanks. But you know what? in august, when all of you will be bathing in islands, i'll be at the office working and working and working! Summer is July for me!!! so, don't worry... we'll be switching posts very soon :-(