Friday, 31 December 2010

bye bye beautiful 10

mr. old year, i'm goodbyeing you with my warmest thoughts, and i want you to know that you were one of my favs!
mr new year, i'm welcoming you with a strong dose of humour, deep love and pure feelings. i'll duly take care of you, i promise.
mr friend of mine, i wish you the greatest, the most beautiful, healthy, lucky, creative and successful year of your life.
have fun tonight ;)
ok, i have to post a visual - randomly chosen parisian photos of this amazing year:
be well, i love you!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

DElight special guest @6 D.O.G.S

They always have something different to show.
More of DElight here, here, here and here.

Respect for this DElight video and personal respect to Daphne's brother, who wrote the music:

@burger project last saturday

guys funny to death. good music - the kings of cover.

laced and stripped



holiday and holyday

No time for big-deal-decoration-for-xmas-spirit at my little homey, so that's my quick, minimal and joanaddicted deco..

hair unplugging


sofia is my muse

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

joanaddicted2portraits - Xrysanthos' magic hands

Yes, arrogantly saying that the hair stylist Xrysanthos did a great work on my head! After this post with the whole styling, it's about time to present you the person who made me saying again and again 'thank you' to everyone commenting about my hair (super positively so far!). So, Xrysanthos, it's my turn to say 'thank you', cause you actually not only made my head, but my crazy-50s mood as well!

His creation -happy head:

The Wedding Party

My 28-year-old brother came to Greece just for 3 days to get married!! His heart used to belong to the one and only guitar so far, but it seems that from now on he will be sharing it with his new wonderful wife! (his heart, not his guitar lol!) On Sunday, we were drown into the pool of romance with the beautiful ceremony of marriage and the after party for friends and family.. The couple is quite shy, so i chose the most incognito pics of them to post! Here's a resume of the night, the couple, the friends and the crazy dance therapy.. Have you ever been to a wedding party before, dancing in the rhythms of Judas Priest?? Well, my bro is quite a metal rock junkie, so am i!!! and so was the wedding party!!