Sunday 5 December 2010

joanaddicted -The Ring

Excited. The brilliant designer Paul Sarz created a ring for me. He offered it to me for my Bday, but he also included this design in his collection, giving my name to the piece. The joanaddicted ring. So, if you are dying for a more romantic and gothic (in the same time) version of brass knuckles, you go straight to Paul's store (Mavrokordatou 4, Athens) and you ask for the joanaddicted ring!
I took a couple of quick pictures, but i promise a closer ring look will follow the next days. A proper photoshooting for MY RING! Let me tell you that there's a poem written inside by Paul:

I'm the root of the fist - the vehicle of violence. (can you make the concept connection?)


Anonymous said...

I love it joanna! i really do! perhaps I ma gonna have it!

joanaddicted said...

baby! you'll make me proud!! :-))) hehe

paul sarz said...

it looks great on you baby !!!!xxx

Elena said...

Lllllove it! You 're the coolest person I know. It's official!

Muki Mu Kats said...

when all of your silence turns into violence..! (lyrics by a friend of mine)
amaaazing jewel! congrats Paul!

ToKataifi said...

poli ali diafimisi bori na ante3i aftos o paul sarz!!!

pali manouli ise! ama pia!

Vixen said...

amazing ring,I'm definately gonna have it!!congrats!

vint junky said...

Ahhhh so perfect!
BUT I want a joan addicted too!!
Can't wait to see the poem


Ps. Haircut? LOVE!! You look phenomenal