Wednesday 29 December 2010

joanaddicted2portraits - Xrysanthos' magic hands

Yes, arrogantly saying that the hair stylist Xrysanthos did a great work on my head! After this post with the whole styling, it's about time to present you the person who made me saying again and again 'thank you' to everyone commenting about my hair (super positively so far!). So, Xrysanthos, it's my turn to say 'thank you', cause you actually not only made my head, but my crazy-50s mood as well!

His creation -happy head:


pavlina said...

i 3i photo tou xrusanthou den yparxei. einai surreal
aggele xrusanthe?

Muki Mu Kats said...

posh fotogenia o xrusan8os..posh..!
to xtenisma 8eiko! pipini pali h jo!