Saturday 18 December 2010

my friday night was NOT Nouvelle Vague

Yesterday night i was found in Fuzz for Nouvelle Vague Live. I know this doesn't surprise you, since i'm an official concert junkie. But last night's performance left us super disappointed. We were so bored that we left earlier to find some happiness elsewhere! We weren't talking about a rock performance anyway, but you always expect good shit... The beautiful girls were dancing up and down with or without shoes.. and that's all what i can remember. Oh and something else. That the one lady was speaking greek cause her x-boyfriend was greek!! Why should i care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

Outside Fuzz was more fun than inside:

And leaving Gazi place, Karitsi square was groaning cause of this 'art' intervention:
For God's shake, the people who work at this parking need ear protection!

Ending up -usual phenomenon- @ Use bar:

No, the night never closes in Use. Mavili:


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