Saturday 4 December 2010

lipstick story

I'm addicted to these coloured skyscrapers. Some days ago, trying to put an order in my supersize bag's mess, i realized i was carrying all these soldiers, which happen to be my tops fav lipsticks. So, before imprisoning them to their new tidy box, i had to shoot their beauty. I treated them 'portraitly'. Some of them are transformers, some others pure battle of nature. Prettify or cheat?


Muki Mu Kats said...

wow! you won't believe it! i was thinking to make a lipstick-post too! love the dark ones and the nudes! ;D

Angie said...

OOOOOooooo....teleia xrwmata....eimai kai se anazitisi kragiwn afton ton kairo...:))


Don't bother to pass by..;)

annie said...

I have never put lipstick!
I think that dont look good on me.
But i love all the colours, especially pure red!