Friday 3 December 2010


Can art be cheap?
Visiting the Cheapart 16 opening yesterday, i was quite confused. And i still can't decide if i'm fond of that kind of concepts or not. I mean, ok it's nice that art can be affordable that way to -almost- everyone, but should i be offended by the gallerists for 'piling' a bunch of 'vite-fait' pieces? And that's what i'm saying: I(e.g.) can also find a place downtown, gather 100 (or 1000) (new) artists, make them pay 200 euros each to participate, and host 1000 -or more- pieces to be sold at a respectable price of 80 euros each. That makes me rich and the artists noones (with just 800 euros in their pockets). And i'm 'talking numbers', cause, as it seems, that's the whole point.
Of course, on the other hand, we're talking about an established expo and a very -very- decent and nice gallery. So, that probably makes my previous description a bad one. But the thing is that i've grown up in an artists' environment and i feel and respect their work so much that this whole cheapart thing makes me wonder.. how margins affect art and artists?
There were some awesome masterpieces though...
If you wanna take a look or buy 'cheap art', go here.


paul sarz said...

800-200=600 definitely cheap art

joanaddicted said...

art is definitely not for rich people (what do they know!!???)
600 is not bad. The concept is.

Thalia said...

hon, i went there yesterday and i had the same bitter-sweet feeling as you did. i do agree that art should be democratic and for everyone bit cheap is a whole different story that i am not up for supporting.