Thursday 23 December 2010

joanaddicted 2street shooting

again. a street post. pics i've taken randomly during the last months. Favs for different reason each -and i leave YOU find out why:


the style crusader said...

love the selection of images. it's always such fun to have a snapshot into the streets of other people's lives. the shot on the first row of the two girls is so adorable. xx

joanaddicted said...

thank you crusader!!!!

Frini said...

i've read this post over and over, i love it!! street style pics are always interesting, but yours have a twist i always love! the second pic with the girls with the afro hair look is beyond words, but i like the forth so much, the girl with the white scarf(is she in berlin, or am i wrong?)she's so close to my own taste.
of course you know i love yours the most, right? ;)

have a merry merry xmas baby, i wish you all the best!

kiss kiss*