Thursday 23 December 2010


i've been extended. ha, don't panic.
First of all, i've got a confession to make. I've many times presented in this blog the hair stylist, who is inspiring me and transforming me according to my mood, or just for fun. This person is Taxiarhis. And i've been so much flattered when he told me that many beautiful ladies are visiting him and asking him for my haircut..! Thank you girls for all these extraordinarily nice words you're saying for me and my style. It's an honour :) I've never been 'copied' that beautiful way before, and that puts a huge and true smile on my face..

So today, i visited again Taxiarhis, but this time for a specific reason. I need to be transformed for an important event. So, i decided to show a different 'face' of mine. I'm not supposed to say much for the moment, but take a look to a very first stage of my head transformation! Complete result coming up very -very- soon.


Nells said...

i love it reeee!!!

Anonymous said...

teleio!!! we love it!
please inform us the new location of Taxiarhis

joanaddicted said...

1.thank you!
2.please sign the comment
3.Taxiarhis' hair studio: Skoufa 29, Kolonaki, 1st floor.