Sunday 31 October 2010


and in-decent-ology go together.

Saturday 30 October 2010

friends night out

Friday = Koudounakia, Cantine Sociale and Booze.
N'importe quoi.

Friday 29 October 2010

October's Meet Market

Last weekend was the Meet Market's weekend at Technopolis of Athens. That's it. It's officially established! And i'm gonna be giving my presence every single time, cause it's getting so much better and better and better. So, for this time, here my favs:

Hysteria Asteria by Alexia Kirmitsi:


Cat Black:

i.k design by irina kalintzaki:

Skinny Legs by Kleo Xirou:

And many more...:

See you at the next Meet Market??

Cloudy outfit

changing shoes. The dilemma between Chie Mihara and All stars.
Rings and glasses -the mascots.
Pants by Akira Mushi.
Oh yes, and this is my new ippolito bag!

Stelios Koudounaris @AXDW

Most of the designers -and not only the recent ones, but the established huge names of the international fashion industry as well-, switch their inspirations and go back to the past to find some old worn style ideas and bring them back to life, in a different proposal package. It's exactly the same as musicians do with covers -reborn identity.
And why i'm saying all that? Cause Stelios is not going backwards. He looks straight forward. So, here's a new, different and fun collection with a positively consequential character. Nothing to do with other decenies or trends..
Ad most importantly, Quality is the most used word in his fashion dictionary. A (mostly) beige paradise..
And p.s. i looove the way he is closing his shows..

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Some more of AXDW snapshots and PEOPLE

Mirto (literally) in the photo expo of the AXDW:

Same for me (it's nice playing in art):

Doesn't get any more abstract:

And this is Jessica Speckhard, the photographer of the exposed pieces:

Hm.. cameo technique..:

Fav model, Evelina Papantoniou:

Fav Greek designer, Lakis Gavalas:

Model (no, his name is NOT Brad Pitt):

Spiros with the greek athlete Iron Mike Zampidiskickboxing world champion:

Model and tv presenter, Nikos Papadakis: