Wednesday 27 October 2010

Some more of AXDW snapshots and PEOPLE

Mirto (literally) in the photo expo of the AXDW:

Same for me (it's nice playing in art):

Doesn't get any more abstract:

And this is Jessica Speckhard, the photographer of the exposed pieces:

Hm.. cameo technique..:

Fav model, Evelina Papantoniou:

Fav Greek designer, Lakis Gavalas:

Model (no, his name is NOT Brad Pitt):

Spiros with the greek athlete Iron Mike Zampidiskickboxing world champion:

Model and tv presenter, Nikos Papadakis:


Anonymous said...

I think he fits! You got me! ;)
PS. I love Lakis!

chloe said...

oh wow, i LOVE evelina's hair, she looks so gorgeously audrey hepburn-ish! i worked with her for a fashio show once and she's beautiful in real life too :)
joanna i love your photos as always xxx

Lopi said...

you should issue a warning
"too many handsome men ahead"