Sunday 3 October 2010

Weekend outfitsss: FULL stripes and polka dotsss

The Polka Dot Fever:

The Stripped Coffee:


Kalli said...

Latrevw syndyasmo mplouzas me pothri!!

vint junky said...

GREAT shots beautiful!
I have serious hair envy at the mo, mine needs cut so badly. Yours always looks incredible


Panagiota said...

to 2nd outfit m'aresei poli!!k o sindiasmos koupas me blouza ola ta lefta!:)

Unknown said...

This outfit is the greatest one I've seen on you !

See U !

Kelly said...

The blue one is perfect!!!
Love it!


Stef said...

Luv the polka dots!Always give a fulfilling effect. Beautiful outcome as an outfit!