Thursday 21 October 2010

Fashion Week Athens

Last week.. was the Fashion Week Athens. But you know that already. You’ve seen it in many many many blogs and portals. You’ve heard about it on Star channel (!). You’ve visited it. You’ve taken part in it. Whatever..
I'm huge fan of greek designers and i support them to the fullest. But this time guys, don't get me wrong, i was disappointed from what I witnessed on our little, but passionate, Athenian stage. But in this blog, i use to show what i'm fond of, and not the opposite. So, i'll pass on all these negative thoughts of mine for some collections and pieces that can’t even stand up for a stylish 70-year-old grandma. Ok, I’m exaggerating (a bit). And i'll go straight to the bright side!
The only collection that lifted me up high and made me having shiny stylish hopes for the Greek fashion industry was the one of DElight. I loved everything about it. The collection was very consistent, the clothes totally my style, and super wearable. The prints could take you everywhere.. Asia, Egypt, Ancient Greece.. inspiration forward. The models awesome (specially the lady in short hair), the styling -simple was all it needed, and oh the surfboard -my goodness- is it for sale? Cause if the answer is yes, i have to take it directly to my boy! And maybe stealing it for some tough beach in summertime..
Congrats to the DElight girls!

....And apart from DElight, not much..
But i decided to post some more pics with positive comments by my side, such as:

These Samantha Sotos shoes. Not because i'd wear them. But cause they remind me of my colourful superficial world i live in:

The crazy happy mood of Panos Apergis. At least we had fun:

The black kerchief of KRUG 8:

And the barefooted lady next to me. She could actually go backstage and borrow a pair of shoes. Free of charges:

Finally, expecting next Fashion Week, find previous FWA posts here, here and here.

And before i go, grab some FWA beauties:
This is kataifi:

And on the right Alessia:

More of FWA faces and outfits, coming soon at my Street Fashion column on


Muki Mu Kats said...

kataifi! apsogi foto! pio koukli den paei! ;D <3

Alessia said...

ooooooooooo :) happy faces :) :) :) can't wait for Xclusive Designers Week with you,sweetie!

battered couture said...

I miss Athens. damn.

vint junky said...

Wow! You Greek goddesses work a lip and eye like no-one else!
Have a great weekend beautiful x

pavlina said...

love your posts and your straight forward attitude! also miss you.....