Saturday 2 October 2010

Paul Sarz

Not an ordinary day was the day that just closed. My best friend Nadia just turned 26.
7 o'clock in the morning and i call her:
Me: Haaaaaaappy Birthday my love!
Nadia: Thank you agapitsa. I'm on air right now, i'll see you at home, around 10.
After this quick dialogue, i was wondering -and for the rest of the day- what should i get her. And (tsoup!) i've got email. The Athens Daily Secret newsletter. That was it, it answered my thoughts!
Super kind and cool Haritini discovered a beauuuuutiful little jewellery store in the heart of Athens and shared it with us via Ermou Mag. Thanks Haritini!!!
So, convinced enough (she looks quite a guarantee after all!), i visited Paul Sarz @ Mavrokordatou str.
And there i was, in front of this dream. Paul's pieces are different. Definitely in the van of jewellery industry. Fullstop. Because he left me speechless, you can check him and his work out here. Seriously man, ANATOMY? Many pieces triggered me, but what literally broke my eyes was the 'bloody' collection inspired by anatomy and human body parts, like spine, heart, arteries.. Respect.
To the point (which was not about me this time!). I found the cutest bracelet for the occasion, giving my 'sorrow' to my friend.. and that's what i mean..

No choice, obviously she adored it! :-))))

I didn't have the time to take decent photos from Paul's shop (promised a proper photoshooting next week), so here's just a quick taste..

Happy Birthday sis!

(hahahahaha it's 26!!!!! NOT 27!!!!)


Hari K said...

Oh! Just saw your post love!! thanks for your links and everything! I was so excited about Paul that I couldn't just post it on my blog! I organized a whole "I love Paul campaign!" Hahaaa! I was actually the one who wrote the ADS too! =)))

Anywaysss! Happy Bday to Nadia, too! I met her the other day at Fashion's Night Out at Benetton and she's a cutie! Send her my wishes!

Lot's of love

(you know you're on my blogroll right? just because I'm not leaving comments doesn't mean that I don't love your blog! hahaa (should post this on a tee sometime!)

Panagiota said...

it's so cute and beautiful!!it's hard to find a really nice gift for a special one!

joanaddicted said...

@Hari: haaaa!! Thanks beauty!!! I'll pass her your wishes!! You're doing a great job -obviously!!!! looooove your blog too, of course! kiss kiss

Frini said...

oh my!! i just took a look at his website and i am thrilled,especially by the medals and a brooch that stole my heart!!
love the one you chose for Nadia and also love the pic of you two together sooo much!

hey! step by my blog and grab your award girl!!

kiss kiss*

paul sarz said...

love ,love ,love it...thanks for this post joan ,see you next week