Monday 18 October 2010

Once upon a time..

..there was an architect, whose name was Ippolito, and he had a thing with this unique area of Athens, Plaka. This guy gave birth to a beautiful, talented babygirl and named her Pavlina.
Many years after, Pavlina gave birth to a very special dream of hers. A dolly spunky little store in Plaka with her own creations, turning bags into pieces of art. And she named it Ippolito.
This little story explains to me why every single bag that Pavlina makes, is so carefully created, reflecting pure and sweet feelings.

Pavlina used to live in Milano and work as a designer for Bottega Veneta. After her fashion design highlight experiences @Milano, New York and more, she came back to our psyche. And thank God she did!
Saturday night was the opening of this dreamy place. A bag Heaven to me..
No need to comment on her work. Obviously outstanding.

Pavlina and Manos

Visit Ippolito : Aggelou Geronda 10, Plaka, Athens.
Opening Time:
tuesday, thursday, friday: 11.00-15.00 and 17.00-21.00
wednesday, saturday: 11.00-17.00
sunday-monday: open only by appointment on 0030 210 33 15 051

Closing this special night, couldn't resist saying hi to this neighbour (!) - sweeeeet!

and having one (or maybe more) drinks @Pavlina's fav bar Brettos:


Angelina said...

san paramithi ta les..teleiaaa :)
apisteutes tsantes!!
prepei na paw na pswnisw!!
oi times alitheia pou kumainontai??

pavlina said...

agapi mou, ioannaki mou eisai thea! einai apistefto to post sou! s'agapaw.

p.s: yia diastaseis k timoules

joanaddicted said...

@angelina: opwsdipote prepei na peraseis apo to showroom! tha ksetrelatheis me tis tsantes. Oi times einai polu kales. Real good value for money..! kisses