Monday 25 October 2010

Weekend outfits

The black and white stripped groundwork:
Leather shoes, stripes, red lips and biker jacket -pure love.

The theatrical acting bolero.
Long Black skirt, blue nails and Marc leather bag -timeless values.


Panagiota said...

omg u wear socks!!u are brave girl!love the jacket in the 2nd pic!

vint junky said...

Ahhh.. the striped tee with stripy socks are genius!
Loving the details on that incredible jacket lady x

joanaddicted said...

@Panagiota:-))) thanks my girl!
Not only socks! But even worse, Stripped socks, please!! :-)

joanaddicted said...

@Vint Junky: :-))))))))))))))))))

Panagiota said...

they are not bad!!they match with your tee and you feel good in them!den se forane...tis foras!(uparxei afto sta agglika?)and that's the most important about outfits!:)

Alessia said...

love ya girl :P
cu tonight!