Tuesday 12 October 2010

Ordinary vintage pulse

I find it beautiful and charming. To take something that used to belong to someone else. Is it dismissed?
It carries someone else's memories. That's why it's priceless. The Value effect hits me then.
On Sunday, an effect like that was connected to my brain cables. And not only mines.
Mariaflora P. and her fashionistas girlfriends organized a vintage bazaar @6dogs and we all gave a brave battle! Unique pieces that arrogantly came to my possession will be posted soon.
Till then, grab some photos of the day.

Mariaflora P.

Filep Motwary on the decks

That's what I call Ordinary Pulse.

Pavlina (Ippolito designer) and Alexia Kirmitsi (Asteria Hysteria designer)

Sofia Tz.

Me lost in Athens' colors.

Alexia Kirmitsi - Asteria Hysteria designer
in and out of 6dogs

Alexia, me and the premises 

and our city treasures.


Thalia said...

really cool picts girl! it was lovely to see you again! :-)

pavlina said...

it was nice to see you too beautiful thalia :)
great pics ioannaki. where is the one with the mouth screaming??? mehheee

joanaddicted said...

@pavlina: hm you go brave my petite!!! allright then! you'll see it added to the next post!!! and let God save us all!!! mouahahahaha

chloe said...

heey alexia, i havent seen her for such a long time :) and i see her on your blog, small world!..
you ladies look lovely! x

Anonymous said...

I looooove your blog and your pictures!!