Sunday 17 October 2010

Alexis Barrell

The newcomer designer from South Africa. We met her on Friday @the industrial space ΕΔΩ @Keramikos, presenting her brand new collection SS11. And we enjoyed her.

And what about a smooth intrusion @Backstage??

Faces i pointed:

Alexis Barrell

Elena Troulaki

with Haritini:

Event closing...

And by that time, 'KERAMEIO' bar was a must. I love this place.. Plateon str:


vint junky said...

I adore those geometric patterned pants and the crispness of the collection.
Looks like a great night out!

joanaddicted said...

@vint junky: indeed it was a great night! i'm sure we're gonna see much more from this newcomer! kiss kiss

Pauline Saupin said...

Thank ypu for the post and GREAT pictures!!! can i use a couple of them to post on our blog??

Thanks again for coming, and we ll keep u updated for the things to come!

joanaddicted said...

Thank you Pauline! It was a great show. Of course you can use my photos, with pleasure! Just please mention the source ;-)
can't wait for your next surprises!